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Individuals who are suffering from alcohol and drug dependence suffer from a disease. The disease of addiction profoundly affects an individual’s behavior and health, often leading to death if left untreated. However, recovery is not only possible, but it’s also achievable. The path to recovery can be a long, winding road that’s paved with obstacles, but when individuals enroll in a program at an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment facility, qualified professionals can help them learn skills and tools vital to sustaining long-term sobriety.

Located in Delray Beach, Florida, Sound Recovery Solutions is the shining star individuals need to find their way back to a sober, healthy life by overcoming substance dependency and addiction. The outpatient substance abuse treatment program is an ideal solution for individuals who are seeking recovery from many types of physiological dependence. Reflecting the disease model of addiction, our philosophy focuses on abstinence as a central component of treatment and recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs.

What’s more, Sound Recovery Solutions not only helps individuals suffering from addiction find the treatment that’s needed, but we provide treatment in a safe environment that’s conducive to recovery and rehabilitation. Our comprehensive, holistic rehabilitative treatment promotes addiction recovery and the healing of mind, body and spirit. For any individuals in need of assistance in recovering from substance dependence and addiction to alcohol or drugs, Sound Recovery Solutions is the place where the healing process can truly begin.

Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Delray Beach

TDelray Beach Outpatient Programhe Sound Recovery Solutions outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program is nestled along the Atlantic coast in Delray Beach, Florida, located in Palm Beach County. Known nationally as the “Recovery Capital of the World” due to being saturated with recovery-oriented resources, Delray Beach provides a serene, picturesque environment in which individuals suffering from addiction can receive comprehensive treatment for substance abuse and dependency.

Whether parental responsibilities, restrictive employment, caretaking for a parent or family member or any other reason, not every individual is able to participate in residential treatment. Our partial care programs are an effective, viable solution for individuals who are unable to complete or attend other types of programming as well as for graduates of residential programs.

In terms of budgetary restrictions, we’ve found that many insurance companies offer either partial or full coverage of our outpatient addiction treatment program. Additionally, we have financial counselors available to work with you or your loved one and with family members so that the best financial arrangement possible can be achieved. Some individuals may prefer our outpatient program as it helps bridge the gap between inpatient or residential treatments and returning to life in the real world; as such, we can help individuals to regain their footing before attempting to sustain recovery on their own. At Sound Recovery Solutions, we have a team of experienced addiction professionals who can help match those suffering from addiction and alcoholism to the solutions that are most appropriate and needed, helping individuals to achieve long-term recovery. Since problems tend to occur in the real world, the outpatient addiction treatment program at Sound Recovery Solutions allows individuals to practice dealing with these issues by processing them with either a group of peers or one-on-one with an experienced addiction counselor.

The first and earliest stages of sobriety tend to be the highest-risk period for individuals who have been substance dependent for many years and feel unprepared to return to the real world. Sound Recovery Solutions can help you or your loved one to fortify sobriety while working to both set and achieve goals that promote long-term health and recovery. At Sound Recovery Solutions, we pride ourselves not just on our experience and knowledge, but also on our ability to provide a multidisciplinary, integrated approach that is optimally beneficial to individuals participating in our treatment program for drug and alcohol addiction.

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How Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Delray Beach Promotes Recovery

addiction outpatient program in delray beach floridaThe purpose of Sound Recovery Solutions is to help individuals who suffer from addiction to alcohol and drugs rehabilitate from the disease of addiction. The clinical approach that we employ in our outpatient addiction treatment is based on time-tested 12 Step philosophy and is evidence-based, ensuring that our programs achieve optimum results. While outpatient is the lowest-intensity level of the addiction treatment programs available, we still offer accountability and structure to individuals beginning recovery, those graduating from more intensive programs and those who have relapsed and are returning to treatment.

In our outpatient addiction treatment program, individuals will receive a customized treatment plan that’s created with their specific needs in mind and which includes both group and one-on-one counseling. Since the patient either lives at home or in a halfway facility and commutes to the treatment center, drug screening should be expected as a regular part of the outpatient treatment program. However, individuals participating in outpatient rehabilitation will be able to maintain their homes as well as work and parental or familial obligations while receiving treatment, which is a major advantage of the program.

The duration of an outpatient addiction treatment program can be a little as three months or as long as a year; the length of treatment is determined according to the individual needs of the patient. Additionally, some patients will progress through the program faster than others, accomplishing more in a shorter period of time, while some individuals may need a longer period of guidance and treatment. No matter what an individual’s pace may be, the staff at Sound Recovery Solutions is here to make sure each individual has what they need to succeed at each step of the journey to recovery.

What Makes Our Outpatient Program in Delray Beach Different?

At Sound Recovery Solutions in Delray Beach, we root our philosophy in a multidisciplinary approach and in the experience of addiction treatment clinicians, both of which have shown to yield the highest rates of success for addiction treatment. While receiving the highest level of care and benefit from the experience of the top clinicians in the addiction medicine field, individuals in our outpatient addiction treatment program can expect to be treated like part of our family as we do everything in our power to ensure recovery.

As part of the outpatient treatment, you or your loved one will be evaluated by expert clinicians individually while meeting with addiction medicine professionals and, if necessary, be referred to specialists outside of Sound Recovery Solutions that can enrich or add to the recovery experience. Some of the evidence-based psychotherapeutic techniques used in weekly individual sessions include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and generalized conflict and resolution talk therapy.

outpatient program in floridaAdditionally, individuals participating in the outpatient addiction treatment program at Sound Recovery Solutions will attend group therapy sessions, which might sometimes be specific to peers of a comparable age range. While covering a variety of topics, our group therapy sessions include generalized process, gender-specific group, relapse prevention and education, life-skills training and post-acute withdrawal syndrome.

Find Long Term Sobriety at Our Delray Beach Outpatient Program

The addiction to alcohol and drugs is a primary, progressive disease that, if left untreated, will oftentimes be lethal. If you or your loved one is suffering from addiction and substance dependence, don’t wait any longer to contact Sound Recovery Solutions. We have a team of caring, experienced addiction professionals on standby, ready to help individuals in need take the first step toward recovery and a new life.

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