Addiction Day Treatment Program in Delray Beach

Addiction can make you feel as though you are out of options. At Sound Recovery Solutions, our goal is to help you gain your life back, through providing you with options. With this goal in mind, Sound Recovery Solutions developed its Delray Beach Day Treatment Program, a partial hospitalization treatment program. Day treatment can help you maintain your commitments, while receiving the utmost quality in drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

You are not out of options. Help is available to you. No matter what your situation is, Sound Recovery Solutions can help you to determine the best course of action for your recovery. We can help you take the first step toward you or your loved one’s recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Day Treatment Program for Addiction in Delray Beach

addiction treatment patient in delray beach floridaOur Day Treatment Program is designed for those patients who are leaving residential or inpatient treatment and are seeking a continued level of structure and care in their recovery. This program can be considered a “step down” from residential treatment. In addition, our day treatment program is available to those whose clinical condition does not require acute residential or inpatient care but can benefit from intensive support and structure. Day treatment will differ according to each patient’s history and assessed condition. The time of duration of treatment will depend upon the individual’s needs.

Good candidates for day treatment include: those who have a supportive home environment, someone who has relapsed and completed one or more inpatient treatment programs, and those whose insurance will not cover inpatient treatment. Upon entering into day treatment, you will receive a treatment plan based on your individual needs and goals. After being evaluated and cleared by medical and addiction professionals, you will begin engaging in various group, individual and family therapies.

Day treatment allows you the option of living on-site at the rehabilitation facility, or going home at the end of programming for the day. The difference in inpatient/residential treatment, and day treatment/partial hospitalization is in the level of care. Those in a partially hospitalized environment will have more freedom and personal responsibility than those in inpatient. For instance, in most day treatment settings you may prepare your own meals and administer your own medication, and possibly have unsupervised time off-campus.

You will have access to all of the recovery resources found in the recovery capital of the world– Delray Beach. There is no better place to start your recovery journey than this beautiful and sunny beach town in Palm Beach County.

How Our Delray Beach Drug and Alcohol Day Treatment Program Can Help

Day treatment programming is very similar to that of our residential treatment programming. While you will be engaging in intensive individual and group therapies, day treatment will also provide opportunities for fellowship with other alcoholics and addicts, such as beach outings. Also, those in the Day Treatment Program attend 12 Step meetings as groups, and are encouraged to engage in their program of recovery. Sound Recovery Solutions treatment philosophy is comprehensive, and includes regular attendance and engagement in 12 Step fellowships, which include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous, to name a few.

While in day treatment, you will receive ongoing clinical assessments by physicians and addiction professionals, along with prescription management and aftercare planning. Through group and individual therapy, patients will develop coping and life skills, which can be of use in “real world” situations. Sound Recovery Solutions Day Treatment Program will help you to determine the factors contributing to your addiction, and help you to work through those issues in a safe and comfortable environment, among your peers and experienced professionals.

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What is Offered at Our Day Program for Substance Abuse in Delray Beach?

Sound Recovery Solutions offers a wealth of experience in addiction medicine and treatment, while providing a safe, comfortable and healing environment. We offer a comprehensive range of services, addressing both substance abuse and co-occurring psychiatric disorders.

Upon admittance, each patient receives an individualized day treatment plan designed to address issues specific to them. Our day program employs the most effective treatment modalities, such as:Day Program for Substance Abuse

  • medical and psychological evaluation
  • spiritual groups
  • process groups
  • patient and family education
  • recovery skills
  • relapse prevention skills
  • dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • patient and family therapy
  • sessions with psychiatric staff
  • random drug screens
  • continuing care planning

Our treatment philosophy is centered around the individual. We do not believe that a blanket, “cure-all” treatment exists in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Each patient’s background is different, thus, each patient will have different history, circumstances and obstacles to overcome. We are dedicated to creating the most practical solution for our patients. While each patient may have a different treatment plan, they all suffer from the same chronic and life-threatening disease of addiction. If addiction is left untreated, it is likely that the addict will spend life in and out of jails and institutions. The most serious consequence would be death, which is unfortunately more common that you would think.

Day treatment programming is designed to keep the patient engaged in activities, most, if not at all their time at Sound Recovery Solutions. Day treatment can also be viewed as a positive activity to engage in outside of the patient’s typical schedule. So many recovering alcoholics and addicts struggle with structure and time management, which can become a real threat to sobriety. Day treatment implements the structure that is conducive to long-term recovery. It also eliminates boredom, a huge trigger common to early recovery.[popup title=”

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Day treatment can allow you to begin your journey to recovery and healing, while maintaining your responsibilities. The day treatment program at Sound Recovery Solutions is designed to give you the individualized care you need using innovative treatment therapies. What more do you have to lose? Call us today and speak to one of our addiction specialists and take the first step towards freedom from drugs and alcohol.

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