Delray Beach Intensive Outpatient Program

Those who are battling drug and alcohol addiction may have a long, winding road ahead of them; the path to recovery can be paved with many obstacles. But, with the help of an experienced intensive outpatient drug treatment facility, recovery is possible. Sound Recovery Solutions, located in Delray Beach, Florida, is the beacon of hope needed to overcome addiction. An intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment center is ideal for those seeking recovery for many different reasons.

Not only can Sound Recovery Solutions provide you or your loved one with the intensive outpatient addiction treatment needed, we do so in a safe place conducive to healing. Our treatment philosophy reflects the disease model of addiction; we believe that abstinence is an essential component of the treatment and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We have found that treating the patient in a comprehensive, holistic manner– in mind, body and spirit– allows lasting healing, from the inside, out. If you or a loved one is seeking help for a drug and alcohol problem, Sound Recovery Solutions is the best step to take to begin the healing process.

Our Delray Beach Intensive Outpatient Program for Addiction

intensive outpatient program

Our drug and alcohol treatment program is located in warm and sunny Delray Beach, Florida, located in Palm Beach County on the Atlantic Ocean. Delray Beach is nationally known as the “Recovery Capital of the World,” due to the endless amount of recovery-oriented resources available.

Most consider intensive outpatient programming (IOP) to be a step-down from inpatient treatment. But, we understand that for several reasons, not everyone can attend inpatient treatment. So, our drug and alcohol intensive outpatient treatment program is available to those who are not able to complete, or attend, our inpatient program. The program is also available to those graduating our inpatient or day treatment program, and anyone else who thinks they may benefit.

Most insurance companies will partially or fully cover intensive outpatient programming. Our financial counselors will work with you and your family to achieve the best possible financial result.

Our IOP program can help you to bridge the gap between inpatient to and “real world” living, or, help you get back on your feet after relapsing. Our experienced addiction professionals will help you find the solutions you are looking for, which will help you attain long-term sobriety. Problems will come up outside of treatment, and it is best to process these issues in a group of peers or with an addiction counselor.

The early stages of sobriety can be very treacherous for those who are not properly prepared. Sound Recovery Solutions can help to achieve your goals and gain long-term sobriety. We pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge of the disease and our ability to bring you the integrated, multidisciplinary approach most beneficial to the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.

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What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

An intensive outpatient program, also known as “IOP,” is a common form of drug and alcohol addiction treatment that is available to adult men and women. Our program at Sound Recovery Solutions lasts anywhere from one month to six months. Each patient’s individualized treatment plan may differ, but the average length of intensive outpatient programming is about three months.Intensive Outpatient Program

Our drug abuse IOP drug abuse treatment program gives you the option to receive treatment for the disease of addiction, all while living at home. IOP enables you to maintain your regular day-to-day activities, and fulfill career and family obligations. We strive to give you options in your recovery.

The main difference between inpatient-residential treatment and IOP is the level of structure. An IOP program will allow you to have more freedom, while an inpatient program is highly regimented and structured.

Depending on the client’s situation, he or she may enter into IOP directly after a stay at residential/inpatient treatment facility, or from an extended-care inpatient treatment facility. Some will elect to begin the treatment process with an outpatient program. If you aren’t sure what level of care is best for you, call and speak with one of our admittance counselors at any time. After a short questionnaire and evaluation, we can begin the work to getting you into the program that fits your needs.

How Our IOP Program in Delray Beach Can Help You Stay Sober

Sound Recovery Solutions was created to help addicts achieve sobriety; we have been able to meet that goal and see thousands of addicts achieve long-term sobriety through our programs. Our clinical approach is evidence-based, and founded in 12 Step based principles.

Our philosophy is rooted in our experienced addiction treatment clinicians’ multidisciplinary approach. A multidisciplinary approach yields the highest success rates for the treatment of addiction. While in IOP, you will be evaluated by clinicians on an individual basis, meet with addiction medicine professionals, and, if needed, referred to any specialists outside of Sound Recovery Solutions. Weekly individual sessions may include a wide variety of evidence-based psychotherapeutic techniques, such as, but not limited to:IOP Program

  • cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • generalized conflict/resolution talk therapy

In addition to individual sessions, you will attend group therapy sessions. Some sessions will be gender-specific and others will be limited to your peer group. Our group therapy sessions cover a wide range of topics. A combination of individual and group therapy is indispensable in the treatment of addiction. Some group therapy sessions include:

  • generalized process
  • gender-specific group
  • relapse prevention education
  • life-skills training
  • post-acute withdrawal syndrome

Continue Your Recovery Journey at Our Delray Beach IOP Program

Building a solid foundation in early recovery is essential. Staying clean and sober takes a lot of work, and is too difficult to try to do on your own. The Sound Recovery Solutions IOP program will allow you to fulfill your work and home obligations while completing a high-quality treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

You have anything to lose and so much to gain by starting our IOP program. Get your life back today! Call us at 561-666-7427 and let Sound Recovery Solutions guide you through your journey of recovery. We look forward to helping you start a new life without drugs and alcohol.

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