Get Yourself Some Joie de Vivre in Recovery
Get Yourself Some Joie de Vivre in Recovery
May 24, 2018
You Can (and Should) Celebrate Your Soberversary: Here’s How
You Can (and Should) Celebrate Your Soberversary: Here’s How
May 28, 2018

Looking back on your life, you may feel like you’ve missed out on so much with addiction. The fact is, you are here now and you are sober. If you can look at the bright side, the best is truly yet to come from the decision to get sober and clean. Find out why the best is coming and how to make the most of it.

Making Repairs

Addiction recovery is all about making reparations with those we’ve harmed. It is hard, but good, work. In order to find the best and most beautiful parts of life now and in the future, we have to cultivate it here and now. Spending time focused on work can give us a sense of worth–a way to fill our time. Spending time with loved ones can give us hope for the future, but we need to repair those broken relationships in order to see glimpses of hope ahead.

Build Community

It helps to find ‘your people,’ or ‘tribe.’ When you can find people with whom you identify and that ‘get you,’ the best of yourself can finally feel free to emerge. Vulnerability comes from feeling seen, heard, and loved by community. It will help you not feel alone in the struggle today, tomorrow, or the next day. Your people will help you stay grounded and focused on recovery today, and all the days ahead.

New Hobbies

Life changes abruptly when you quit using drugs or alcohol. To combat this huge life shift, it helps to find new activities to take its place. Hobbies are essential if you want to engage with life again. You can have fun by trying new things with friends or solo. Join a new fitness class, try a new restaurant, experience other cultures through volunteering. There are myriad ways to embrace this change and find yourself some experiences that can truly help you see the best of life in recovery.


What will make you realize that the best is yet to come is your mindset. When you set your mind to what is positive and good, you set yourself up for greater success in recovery. It also sets you up to feel more connected to your purpose, which can help ground you in the future. Recovery is a daily practice of putting one foot in front of the other. The best will come to you through each diligent, patient step you take towards your goals and dreams. Meet with friends who support you and outline what those are for accountability. Set your mind to do something great in the world that leaves a lasting legacy and impact. Once you do this, you will build momentum for the future.

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