Why Choose Sound Recovery Solutions?

Sound Recovery Solutions is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility located in Delray Beach, FL, “The Recovery Capital of the World.” Our program is designed to achieve long-term recovery through the use of innovative treatment and counseling, 12 Step-based therapies and life skills training. Our goal is to teach our clients how to live life on life’s terms and become a productive member of society.

What Can I Expect From The Program At Sound Recovery Solutions?

Sound Recovery Solutions is a truly comprehensive recovery program that incorporates a wealth of solutions, treatments and tools in order to provide our clients with the best possible recovery experience. Our program treats the whole person, not just the addiction. Here are some of the things you can expect from our program:

psychiatrist with patientIndividual Therapy Sessions

We provide individual therapy for our clients in order to address the deeper issues that may be contributing to their addiction. This one-on-one therapy is a valuable part of the recovery process, allowing you to heal, gain perspective and develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your addiction.



Support GroupGroup Therapy

While individual counseling is important, group therapy is an essential element of the treatment process. Groups allow you to develop trust, express yourself in a supportive setting and gain greater insight into yourself and others.

In addition to learning more about yourself and others, you will also gain valuable communication skills and learn better ways to cope with strong emotions and triggers that can lead to negative behaviors.


Advisory service for debtorsFamily Program

Addiction doesn’t just affect the addict, it affects the whole family. Relationships with parents, spouses, children and siblings can suffer enormously. While getting treatment can be a huge relief for concerned family members, healing takes time and effort.

Sound Recovery Solutions recognizes the importance of helping families to recover, too. Our family program provides a safe, supportive place to begin this process.


iStock_000005468594_SmallLife Skills Training

If you have had a long struggle with addiction, you may never have had the opportunity to develop some of the skills essential for a productive, well-balanced life. These skills are learned, they don’t just come naturally.

Our Life Skills Training program helps you learn those skills, so that when you complete treatment, you will be more prepared to go out into the world and begin enjoying your life.


Teacher teachingRelapse Prevention

Getting and staying clean and sober is not an easy, overnight process. Recovery can be challenging, and for many, addiction was a way of life for years. Sound Recovery Solutions recognizes that this new life takes dedication and support. When you leave treatment you will be faced with challenges. Relapse Prevention can help you face those challenges and teach you ways to cope with situations that may put you at risk for relapse, so that you can remain successful in your recovery.


Meeting Of Bible Study Group12 Step Program Integration

Our treatment facility is abstinence-based and is integrated with the principles of 12 Step recovery. We believe that addiction is a disease and that recovery is possible through sustained abstinence from mind and mood altering substances.

In addition to the many other treatment services we offer, our program also actively participates in meetings and other activities in the 12 Step community that includes Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous, as well as others.

iStock_000039215902_SmallCareer Training

It is not uncommon for recovering addicts to have little or no job experience. This can make transitioning into a clean and sober lifestyle difficult. Our Career Training program allows our clients to learn the skills necessary to become productive members of society, teaching practical skills that will help you obtain employment and become self-sufficient, confident and capable.



iStock_000024138115_SmallAftercare Planning

Completing a treatment program is a huge accomplishment, and your new life in recovery is sure to be exciting and full of promise. With that said, many people nearing the end of their time in treatment express apprehension at the thought of leaving the safety and support of the program.

This is where aftercare comes in. Aftercare means that you aren’t just on your own after treatment. You will continue to receive support and recovery-based services so that you can continue to grow in your recovery.


iStock_000000605997_SmallAlumni Program

Sound Recovery Solutions offers an Alumni Program for its graduates. This program helps you stay connected and active in your recovery after you complete the program. You will have access to a variety of resources that can help you with job seeking and obtaining affordable housing. Not only that, but you will be encouraged to help share your experience and inspiration with newer members of the treatment center. You will have the opportunity to participate in ongoing activities, meetings and events as an alumni, which will keep you supported in your recovery.

What Makes Sound Recovery Solutions Different?

Our philosophy at Sound Recovery Solutions is that each individual clients requires unique attention to create the best possible treatment plan. The staff at Sound Recovery Solutions aims to address each client’s personal issues as they pertain to substance abuse. We use a variety of innovative treatment therapies and offer a treatment program that fits each individual’s needs. What makes Sound Recovery Solutions stand out is:

At Sound Recovery Solutions, we are committed to offering the best, most comprehensive recovery services possible, in a warm, welcoming environment that nurtures the whole person. Our facilities are comfortable and we are staffed by highly trained professionals who are committed to helping clients achieve their goals in recovery.

Call us today at 561-666-7427 and begin your recovery journey. Sound Recovery Solutions of Delray Beach is waiting to help you get your life back and overcome your addiction once and for all.
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