money management

July 12, 2016
finances reflect childhood

Do Our Finances Reflect our Childhood?

Nature vs. nurture, the Darwinian argument of evolution and growth, can be applied to anything. The theory seeks to assess if species change because of conditional environments (the unexpected changes in nature, culture, surrounding, society) […]
July 21, 2016
smoking and drinking

Smoking and Drinking are Making You Broke

Experts say that putting down the smoke, cutting back the booze, and hitting the gym could save men tons of money each year. Additionally, instead of investing in life insurance or other premiums, they could […]
September 8, 2016
Childhood Lessons about Finance

More than Monopoly Money: Do Childhood Lessons about Finance Impact the Way We Save?

Developmentally, the things we experience during childhood have a great impact on how we function in the future. Conscious or subconscious, we witness little lessons all the time. Picking up cues from parents, family members, […]
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