October 5, 2016
Forgiveness Isn’t About Other People

Forgiveness Isn’t About Other People

The first time we hear about having to forgive people when we get sober, we’re instantly turned off by the idea. For addicts and alcoholics, the relationship with resentments is an intimate one. Resentment is […]
December 8, 2016

Forgiveness: Giving Up All Hope of a Better Past

By definition, forgiveness means the process of forgiving or being forgiven. Looking to what the core of “forgive” means, we find that to forgive and be forgiven means to “stop feeling angry or resentful toward […]
December 9, 2016

Dear Younger Me: What You Might Say To Your Younger Self Before Addiction

Everybody experiences this thought at one point or another (or multiple times) in their recovery. If only I could go back and tell my younger self not to drink or use drugs. Eventually we come […]
January 25, 2017

This Year, It’s Time To Let Go

  Asking someone to let go of the past seems like an impossible task. Emotional pain is invisible. Memories aren’t things we can simply put in a garbage bag and leave on the curb. Everything […]
June 30, 2017
toxic situation recovery

5 Steps To Get Through (and Get Out) Of a Toxic Situation

It’s toxic and you’re slipping under, like a bad Britney Spear’s song. Toxic situations happen before we can recognize just how toxic they are. Now that you’re aware, here are five steps to get through […]
October 16, 2017
Give Up Resentments to Go Further in Recovery

Give Up Resentments to Go Further in Recovery

A big threat to recovery from addiction is getting caught up in negative thinking patterns. Resentments have power and when you are recovering from substance abuse addiction it can trigger the urge to use and […]
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