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August 18, 2016
dangerous alcohol

Alcohol: America’s Most Fatal Drug

Discussing the role of poverty in the UK’s problematic drinking culture, author Steven Topple, a chronic alcoholic, poses a thought-provoking inquiry. He asks his readers to walk with him on a hypothetical journey. What Topple […]
June 16, 2017
Narcan: saving a life or enabling an addiction

Is Alcoholism The Same For Men And Women?

When Alcoholics Anonymous was formed, it didn’t include women. Largely, the authors later admitted, the book was written by men for men. A subtle chapter dedicated to the wives of alcoholics lent instruction and support […]
June 22, 2017
treating alcoholism

Here’s What’s Next For Tackling Alcoholism In America, According To The New 5 Year Plan By The NIAAA

Alcoholism is an ongoing problem in the United States. As the national awareness regarding mental health and addiction grows, it is important to continue keeping a focus on the other leading substance use disorder: alcohol […]
July 26, 2017
Causes of relapse

The Signs of Alcoholism You Might Be Missing Because You Think They’re Normal

Every social event, birthday, corporate event, personal time, or time spent with family seems to include drinking. You find yourself planning your events not around the day of the event but the day after because […]
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