Individualized Treatment Programs

At Sound Recovery Solutions we firmly believe in the importance of providing each client with an individualized treatment program. An individualized treatment program ensures that each client is approached, respected and clinically treated as the unique individual that they are. Individualized treatment allows for a client’s treatment time to be maximized according to their needs as well as the nuances which make them who they are.

Why Individualized?

The theory behind individualized treatment programs is simple. No two people come to addiction in the same way. Through years of professional, practical and personal experience, we have found that treating the fatal disease of addiction with a generalized approach is ineffective. People learn differently, process differently, retain information differently and grow differently.

Treatment is, in addition to a recovery process, a learning process. One part is inherent to the other. Recovery requires growth. Growth requires learning. Sound Recovery Solutions believes that learning about oneself, about addiction and about leadership as well as life skills is critical for comprehensive recovery.

Learning Process

Through the therapeutic and learning process of recovery, each client learns more about themselves. Together, rehabthrough peer support, clients learn about the similarities and differences of recovery. Men and women addicted to drugs and alcohol share many similarities which, upon discovery, are equally liberating and reassuring. For example, many suffer from depression, have felt isolated from society or found an identity with substance abuse. By opening up through a carefully-planned chronology of treatment, clients can be empowered by their differences. Each client in the Sound Recovery Solutions program has experienced life in a way that is particular only to them. Recognizing they aren’t alone in their struggles, but recognizing the shared differences is a radical moment for all of our clients.

Sound Recovery Solutions creates each treatment plan using evidence-based assessment methods in order to best predict the most effective methods of treatment. Since our programs are individualized per client, they are reassessed and updated on a regular basis. Rather than try to fit a client to our programs of treatment, we fit our programs to them.

For more information on our available levels of treatment, please call 561-279-3860 today. Sound Recovery Solutions is the leading recovery center facilitating the South Florida area. We strive to foster independence and help clients reach their greatest potential, clean and sober.

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