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Nothing says you can’t enjoy the traditions of the fourth of July just because you aren’t drinking. You can invite all your sober friends over and have a picnic excursion to your favorite beach, park, forest, or wherever you feel like going. Grab your favorite sodas, your favorite snacks, and some grilling necessities. Buy a bunch of beach games and don’t forget your sunscreen.


Get Super Rowdy

You don’t know rowdy until you’ve blasted a country singer bellowing “I’m Proud To Be An American” with all of your sober friends. Who said you have to be drunk to be obnoxious? Holidays are the perfect time to blow off a little steam in a healthy way. Get loud, get ridiculous, and have a really great time.


Host A BBQ Cookoff

Fourth of July is the holiday of barbecue dreams. If you’re sober living or your house has a big enough yard, have people pack up their Webber’s and come over for a cook off. You can all put in money for a good cause to see who is the best. Try grilling all kinds of different meats, veggies, and things you’ve never thought of- ever baked cookies on an outdoor grill? You don’t know what you’re missing.


Raise Money For A Local Clubhouse With A Patriotic Costume Contest

As with all major holidays in America, the Fourth of July especially is commercialized. At cheap stores everywhere there is a plethora of patriotic garb begging to be smashed into on ridiculous outfit. Host a patriotic costume contest where everyone submits an entry or voting fee. You can donate the funds to your rehab center or your local AA clubhouse to make it a charitable event. Thankfully recovery has made you comfortable being who you are.


Light Too Many Fireworks

There’s no reason to get involved with the law after getting sober and working hard to clean up your record. However, there are some hefty fireworks which are both legal and illegal which can be a lot of fun on the fourth of July. Practice fire safety, and personally safety, then light ‘em up.


Celebrate YOUR Freedom and Independence

The true reason behind celebrating fourth of July is remembering the day America boldly separated itself from England to become its own country. Fourth of July is a great time to celebrate the freedom and independence you have gained separating yourself from drugs and alcohol. You’re defining your own life now without being controlled by mind altering substances. Write out your own declaration of independence from drugs and alcohol then slap your John Hancock on it. You deserve it.


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