Addiction Treatment Alumni Program

alumni program Delray BeachCompleting a drug treatment program can often be scary, since some individuals feel uncertain of the next step to take. Recovery continues beyond completion of an initial rehabilitation program, which is why our graduates are encouraged to participate in aftercare and continued treatments. Additionally, many drug and alcohol addicts experience long periods of unemployment and sometimes even homelessness while in the throes of addiction, which can make searching for a job and finding housing after treatment very difficult and intimidating. The Alumni Program at Sound Recovery Solutions in Delray Beach, Florida, provides recent graduates of our partial care treatment programs with the tools they need for a successful reentry into the community.

Career and Housing Services

By participating in the Alumni Program at Sound Recovery Solutions, graduates can take advantage of our career services. It’s very common for recovered addicts to have very little or even no recent employment history. For those who don’t have employment prospects lined up for after graduation from one of our programs, we can help individuals in both planning and executing those crucial next steps. The Alumni Program offers graduates the advocacy and vocational expertise they need, assisting individuals in finding employment opportunities and filling out applications in order to obtain stable, gainful employment. What’s more, our Alumni Program offers assistance to those graduates who are in need of affordable housing. Just give us a call so we can discuss some of the opportunities and services we can offer you.

Circle of friends outdoorsSustaining Recovery Through Active Alumni Involvement

Once an individual has completed an addiction treatment program at Sound Recovery Solutions in Delray Beach, they reenter the community and work toward establishing their continued recovery outside of our facility. We encourage these individuals to join our family of alumni, connecting with and making themselves available to those who have just completed their program and are just beginning their journey of post-treatment recovery.

In fact, we urge clients to become and remain active as alumni while continuing on their respective journeys of recovery. These individuals can provide inspiration, hope and guidance to our recent graduates. The Alumni Program at Sound Recovery Solutions connects the members of our alumni family through a variety of activities, events and meetings in addition to our social media channels. Both past clients as well as recent graduates are encouraged to attend regular alumni meetings and to sign up for the monthly emails and newsletters that keep alumni informed of what’s happening now and of any important upcoming events.

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