Have you ever held an extended squatting buddha pose? Take that to the gym and throw some weights on it. Yoga is not to be messed with. Though there is debate about whether yoga should classify as an aerobic exercise, it is a full being workout- mind, body, and spirit. Yoga is not meant to be competitive, but it pushes you to your limits. Your mentality is challenged, your body is challenged, and your soul is challenged in ways you never imagined possible. Don’t be fooled by the essential oils and the groovy music. Yoga is a form of movement that creates harmony between the breath and the body as well as the breath and the mind. Asanas, yoga positions, and Vinyasa, yoga sequence, are meant to create and release energy in the body. For example, some yoga positions massage your inner organs while other positions stretch them. Some sequences are meant to relax while others are meant to strengthen. One position might be to ground you while another position is intended to open you up. Yoga connects with the body in ways that conventional workouts do not. An ancient practice, yoga has been a primary form of fitness and daily movement for decades and in some asian countries, centuries.

TG Daily cites these seven reasons as why “Yoga Beats The Gym”. First, there’s that mind, body, and spirit bit with a focus on mindfulness and the breath. Second, yoga helps you sleep better, which is deeply needed for successful recovery. As opposed to lifting weights or engaging in high impact activities, yoga reduces the risk of injury. In fact, yoga helps heal injuries often caused by accidents at the gym. Yoga for back pain is a tried method provided by physical therapists to help clients stretch, strengthen, and heal their back injuries. For people who have chronic back pain, yoga is known to relieve the pain and reduce stress which is commonly the source of back pain. Considerably less strain is put on the body during a yoga practice compared to the gym.

Lastly, there is the mental gains of yoga instead of the physical gains. Any gym rat will tell you there are serious life lessons to be gained through hitting the gym about motivation, dedication, perseverance, and commitment. However, yoga can teach different lessons about acceptance, mindfulness, universality, connection, and more spiritual connection.


We bring together eastern and western philosophies at Sound Recovery Solutions. All of our clients are given gym memberships and participate in regular mindfulness based activities. Providing treatment programs for addiction and alcoholism, Sound Recovery Solutions strives to effect life changing transformation in each of our clients. For more information, call 561-666-7427 today.

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