Yes, You Have Won the Lottery of Life: Here’s Why

Yes, You Have Won the Lottery of Life: Here’s Why

The truth may come as a surprise to you, especially if you are in recovery from addiction. Looking back on your life, you may wonder how you could possibly have won the lottery when you see all the destruction and misery left in the wake of addiction. That is to wear the wrong glasses, which see through the lens of all the negative, bad things in your life. With a lens of gratitude and hope, you can gain clarity around the idea that you are still here (winning) and no matter your circumstance, you are in recovery (winning) which amounts to an awful lot of awesome opportunities that have yet to come your way.

Winning or Losing

Some people see life as a zero sum game, all or nothing. You’re either winning or you’re losing, you cannot be in the middle. The definition of loser changes for everyone, but the shift is really about the perspective you have on life altogether. When your inner reality begins to mirror your outer reality, things start to shape up and you witness how much potential you have yet to live up to rather than how much potential was lost to addiction or other challenges. Life is not really about winning or losing, it is about living up to our own personal potential to share our gifts with the world and come to the realization we are here to help others as much as ourselves. Once we get ourselves into shape, we can move forward with helping others.

Forming Appreciation

Appreciation exercises are the best way to change your perspective on life. It will literally make you feel like you won the lottery when you start seeing the world from a new perspective. Give these a try for starters if you are struggling to embrace gratitude in your life:

  • Appreciate your senses. Everyday your life is different shades and colors. Start to see those in a new light. Look at the trees, the colors on the leaves, and notice nature without background noise (like mobile phones). Notice what smells waft under your nose as you walk, and take in the sounds you hear around you to see what comes up.
  • Appreciate your body. If you want to feel more appreciation, change your personal statements to ‘I get to…’ which emphasizes the choice and beauty of accepting what is. The fact you have legs to walk is a gift, or a car to drive, or even another opportunity make positive choices. That all begins by being present in your mind and body.
  • Appreciate your lifestyle. Nearly half of the world’s population live on less than $3 per day. That is more than some people spend on one flavored coffee drink per day. If you stop to appreciate the gift of food, you start to notice that you have lots to eat and be thankful for including resources to access or buy food.
  • Appreciate housing. Many people are homeless, in fact, maybe you experienced some form of it during addiction. The fact you have any housing at all is a gift. Be grateful for the fact you have a roof over your head for the moment.
  • Appreciate your breath. Breath is life, and being alive is beautiful. Appreciation for life comes from accepting who you are, here and now, with what you have. You have the power and ability to be a positive influencer to those around you. Don’t squander the gift by not using it to full advantage.

There’s no limit to what and how much you can appreciate life in its totality. Start a journal and write down things each day you are thankful for as an exercise. This can help you start to clearly notice how much beauty is around. Then take a moment to share it with the world.

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