Worry Less About Tomorrow and Start Living Today

If you are more worried about today, tomorrow, and yesterday than you are about living right now, you may be a perpetual worrywart. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. A little worry can build a pathway to fixing what is broken. Resting in worry, however, can have the opposite impact. If you worry about having enough money, or getting clean and sober, or any number of things, it distracts you from doing hard, good work today you need to help make that healing happen.

Stop Worrying, Start Living

There is no way to know what will come your way in life. It happens, some of it sucks, some of it is is awesome. If you learn to accept and trust in the process, you can be less of a worrier, and more of a doer. Here are some ways you can grow into this type of person if you are stuck in worry.

Accept and Trust

Chances are you have not gotten here by just living day to day. You made choices along the way that got you here and helped make you who you are right now. If you are successful, you made choices. If you are not, you still made choices. Start taking few risks and testing your limits. Learn to be resourceful and trust yourself. Be adaptable and build skills that will both help you in the future and open more options in life.

Strike a Balance

You need money for the future. But you need to also live right now. Aim to strike a balance between competing desires. Do what you can to live now and prepare well for the future. You can enjoy life and not spend it all worrying and fretting about budgets, finances, and other issues. It will resolve itself in due time.

Life Has Variables

Many people will follow the safe path in life because that is what they see everyone else doing. There is no reason why your life has to look like everyone else’s. Life will go up and down and upside down, even. There’s no reason why your life has to look like everyone else’s. Focus more on you, less on them.

Accept Not Knowing

There is nothing that we will ever know about the future. No matter how much you plan for the future, your life will turn out different than you expect. Roll with that. Lean into it, embrace it, don’t fight it and honor where you are in space. There is nothing wrong with planning for the future but end of the day you have no control in most cases. Control what you can, let go of the rest.

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