Why At-Home Detox Products Should Come with a Buyer Beware Label

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Millions of people struggle with opioid addiction. This leaves room for people to take advantage of them when they are at their most vulnerable. Detoxification products are being manufactured to claim they make addiction recovery ‘fast and easy.’ Those who have gone through rehab and recovery know there is no fast, easy answer. Find out why some at-home detox products may not be what they seem.

Watch for False Fixes

The ‘fast and easy’ claims can create a false sense of hope for people who are struggling with addiction. Perhaps it is to alleviate intense withdrawal symptoms or just get through the hard parts quickly, but people are getting swindled by companies looking to make fast money off of people’s challenges. People in recovery need help, and hope, not false promises. A few things to note:

  • Some withdrawal and recovery programs that offer to make things ‘easy’ often offer no scientific evidence to back up claims regarding effectiveness. They state that they can alleviate symptoms of opiate withdrawal but no support is offered to this end that it actually works. It helps to be mindful and pay attention to what claims companies are making and do research as to whether there are complaints against them. Research the Better Business Bureau for information.  
  • Herbal products can be advertised as a solution to helping people fight back against addiction. These companies can make claims but may have scientifically unproven statements as to the effect of their powerful blend of herbs and natural products.

Genuine Solutions

People who are struggling with addiction are vulnerable to being taken advantage of when they are least expecting it and most in need of help. Quick fixes don’t exist, but there are ways to help make the process of recovery a bit easier with some appropriate help and solutions:

  • Medically assisted treatment (Suboxone/Subutex, Vivitrol, methadone)
  • Supervised detox programs
  • Inpatient rehab
  • Counseling
  • Group therapy

These legitimate, science-backed treatments, can help a person get on the path back to recovery, and also find others who will support the journey so they are not alone. Real help is available right now.

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