Finding Momentum When Life Becomes Overwhelming
Finding Momentum When Life Becomes Overwhelming
October 4, 2018
The Joys of Being Wrong
The Joys of Being Wrong
October 8, 2018

Social media can be helpful but also detrimental to a person in recovery for many reasons. Many people are on their devices of some sort hours everyday without a break. Being this hyper-connected influences the way people see not only themselves, but other people. It also can bring down self-confidence and focus away from healing. Find out why a healthy plan to break away from social media in recovery can be helpful to the journey.

Recovery and Social Media

There are some ways social media negatively impacts recovery. This includes:

  • Triggering sad feelings. The most a person uses social media, the greater the sense of unhappiness. The more people use social media, the more likely they are to experience negative physical health, mental health, and negative life satisfaction. It may also lure people back into depressive thinking or negative behavioral patterns.
  • Social media is stress-inducing. The effects on anxiety levels is astounding, the more a person spends online everyday. Stress can be a relapse trigger for some people, especially those in early recovery, or who have struggled to find effective coping techniques.
  • Promotion of isolating behavior. The more people are online, they less they socialize in person with people. Perceived social isolation is one of the worst things for people in recovery. It can cause loneliness and low self-esteem. This can be a relapse trigger.
  • Comparison factors into recovery. Social media is a huge influencer of what other people think and may trap a person into comparing themselves to others. If a person is feeling great about life, that is fine, but once social media enters the scene, it seems like the comparison game ramps way up. The motivation to stay clean and sober may wane, without focusing on personal recovery instead of other people’s journeys.

Break Away

Although social media usage has some benefits like connecting people together in similar communities, it can take people away from personal connections. Overall mental well-being may be overlooked. If people want to remain sober, mental and emotional strength is critical. Kicking addiction to the curb is difficult, but not impossible, with the help of kicking social media to the curb (even if just for a bit). Some tips to get started:

  • Turn phone on ‘airplane mode’ for 15 mins every hour, every few hours, or just once a day to start. Put it somewhere out of eyesight for that time.
  • Take phone breaks where it is turned completely off during the day (and will not interfere with work or family obligations).
  • Leave the cell phone in the car during shopping trips, time with friends, or date nights.
  • Download one of many apps to track how much time is spent online each day and work to recapture time by cutting back on that time.
  • Pick up other hobbies to do with the hands that is not about scrolling or texting.

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