Does Wellness Make us Well?

Juice cleanses, digital detoxes, yoga, hot yoga, chakras, energy…the world is on a wellness kick. Vitality and longevity are new commodities and people are buying up everything they can to get a piece of the holistic lifestyle. Eating organic, raw, paleo, or whatever the latest trend of wellness is, seems to be equated with quality of life. Having the right diet, right fitness regiment, and right spiritually is living the right life. Addicts in recovery can showcase their achievements in no better way than through the overtly healthy lifestyles they’ve chosen. After all, anything is better than drinking and using all the time.

Does Wellness Make us Well?

Should our health be evaluated by our wellness? The truth is many people are living lives that are extraordinary, happy, and full of success, while rarely exercising or eating healthily. Defining wellness might look like a complicated yoga pose or a really fancy acai bowl, but the ultimate definition of wellness is up to you.

The problem with blanket movements and generalizations like wellness is that it robs people of their individuality. For example, not every body likes Kale. Not just everybody, every body. Kale is particularly terrible for people suffering from hypothyroidism- of which there are many. Just because one doesn’t eat kale doesn’t mean one isn’t well. It simply means one doesn’t eat kale. In another example, some bodies respond well to yoga while some do best weight lifting. The bottom line is: no two people demonstrate wellness the same way. Similarly, no two people have the same addiction or recover the same way.

Individualization in the treatment industry for men and women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, is standard. Many want to find the “wellness” cure for addiction. People claim to have found the perfect recipe for perfect recovery from addiction. One day, science may find a cure for alcoholism and addiction. What looks “well” on one person’s recovery might not look “well” on another’s. Not everyone has the same higher power or even chooses the same twelve step fellowship.

Your wellness in recovery depends entirely on you. Now is the time to learn what works for you and what doesn’t. You’ve made the biggest discovery thus far- drugs and alcohol just don’t work for you. That is why it is commonly said, “Recovering addicts are not bad people trying to get good, but sick people trying to get well


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