How to Find the Ordinary in This Everyday Life
How to Find the Ordinary in This Everyday Life
August 8, 2018
Feeling Bad Isn’t So Bad if You’re Willing to Try This
Feeling Bad Isn’t So Bad if You’re Willing to Try This
August 10, 2018

Waiting gets a bad rap. We as a people do not like to wait. It feels better when we can accomplish something, get somewhere faster, and ‘arrive.’ Part of learning how to wait is accepting that life is a journey, not a destination. As cliche as it sounds, the journey is where we learn all the important life lessons we need to know in order to move forward in life. Even if you feel like you know next to nothing about waiting, you may soon found it holds a secret power you might just want to tap into.

Power to Create

The ego is quite uncomfortable with waiting. As a society, we are very ego-driven. Plenty of outside voices are willing to back up the message that waiting is bad, moving forward is good. The mind hates uncertainty and making a mistake feels better than living with ‘not knowing,’ even as the course unfolds. The power to create comes from understanding the power creativity holds. Creating requires authenticity, which requires being present to yourself. When you’re constantly searching for something else ‘out there,’ you can miss the glory of the inner journey.

Liminal Spaces

Liminal spaces can be uncomfortable. This borderline, or threshold, between possibilities gives us the power to go so many places. There are no signs saying which way to go which opens the doors wide for what to do next. The challenge comes when we get uncomfortable in that space and don’t know which way to go, which causes stress and anxiety. Most people tend to rush through this pace as quickly as possible. When we learn to slow down, the landscape clears and our eyes can adjust to the life in front of us. We taken one or two steps in one direction, then face another turning point. When we begin to move forward, we realize how important waiting is for the journey.

Timing is Everything

When you are waiting for that thing to happen, it  helps to realize that timing is everything. There is a proper timing to everything. There are things that happen subconsciously, within ourselves and in others, that prepare us for the next step. When the time to act appears, we are often faced with the possibility that this is the next best thing for us. It can help to:

  • Learn how to tap into your inner intuition to guide decisions
  • When you feel compelled to act, it helps to wait for another sense this is the right thing to do.
  • Listen to your head and gut. Let things reveal themselves over time as you linger in those spaces

Linger in those liminal spaces and see what becomes clear while you sit in the uncertainty. If you have faith the right course will unfold with time, you can master the power of waiting as it brings its gifts to your life.

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