Volunteering in Recovery Can Build Confidence and Social Connections

Volunteering is a great way to support recovery from addiction. After completion of a program for addiction treatment, you may feel really ready to take on the world (finally). It could also be you feel lost and unsure what to do. Many people find themselves without purpose following rehab. Now is the time to find a purpose. Consider devoting some time to volunteer work.

Find Purpose

Being a person in recovery from addiction comes with baggage, and plenty of shame and guilt. Likely you worked on getting past those feelings in rehab, but they lingered. During addictive times, you were selfish and self-absorbed. Now it is time to give back, help others, and be selfless. Volunteer work can be a great way to mitigate negative feelings of shame and guilt. You matter to people who need you and you can be an agent for change for others, too.

Ready for Work

Going back to work in recovery is a challenge but it will help you get back on your feet. Getting hired at a new job may feel like climbing an uphill battle. Volunteering can help add work to your resume and you can change minds about who you are and how far you have come since being an addict. Volunteer positions can also help you develop skills to prepare you for work again.

Positive Social Network

One of the most important things you can do in recovery is establish positive relationships with people who support recovery. Leave old friends and connections behind to build a new network. Hopefully you have family and sober friends who will be there to help but expanding the network is important. Volunteering opens doors for like-minded people to come into your network of friends.

One of the common questions is whether a person with recovery is eager to give back to others in recovery from addiction. This may be a good idea down the road but there are pitfalls. If you are unsure of your own recovery, step back and work in another area for awhile. Working with people in active addiction may be too triggering. Finding something you feel good about doing and makes a difference is where you should focus time and energy. This is where you will offer your best self.

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