Try These 5 Ways to Have More Fun in Recovery

Stop Absorbing Other People’s Emotions if You Want to Become Healthy
Stop Absorbing Other People’s Emotions if You Want to Become Healthy
October 30, 2018
Find More Ways to Be Positive in Recovery
Find More Ways to Be Positive in Recovery
November 2, 2018

Recovery from addiction, whether it is substance abuse or alcoholism, can be a challenging process that never ends. The journey is for a lifetime, which makes it all the more important to find ways of having fun in recovery. Keeping a positive attitude and open mindset can shift recovery from hard work to something more enjoyable. Learn more about the five ways recovery may be more fun than you think.

Finding Healthy Alternatives

Diving into recovery is difficult. One of the biggest things people face is the absence of having fun in their lives. The fun used to be fueled by drugs and alcohol, but now that has to shift to healthier alternatives that give a thrill without the toxic substances. Finding a pastime or sport, trying new things like kayaking and skiing, and even a fulfilling new hobby can bring lots of joy.

Start a Hobby

Maybe it has been sitting in your garage or basement, collecting dust, for months. Perhaps it is something that piqued your interest awhile ago but you never pursued it. No matter how old you are, there are always fun hobbies to get involved with and pursue. Recovery is the perfect time to focus on personal development. The belief you have to be of a certain age or mindset is self-defeating as people continually grow and progress through life. Recovery is a time of designing your lifestyle now.

Take a Class

In the personal enrichment side of things, another way to have fun is to take a class or attend a workshop around building a business, using technology, or writing. Anything that interested you before addiction became a sole motivating force in life will help you re-calibrate, gain new knowledge and skills and help you assess what you might like to pursue next as a hobby or even a career.


Being in the water is a proven therapeutic experience. The feeling of being weightless in water, or even doing aerobics, can be healing. It is relatively cheap and can be done on a regular basis as an individual or with a group of people for fun.

Plan Activities with Friends and Family

People with addiction tend to isolate themselves from loved ones so they practice addiction with family disapproval. The isolation tends to exacerbate feelings of loneliness that drove the person with addiction to use drugs or alcohol in the first place. It is crucial during recovery the person make an effort to engage in fun activities with people who truly love the person, including eating dinner, going to plays, or just seeing a movie together. Spending time on lighthearted activities can work to promote familial bonds everyone can enjoy.

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