Try These 5 Addiction Recovery Card Games for a (Sober) Fun Time

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Whether you are looking for a gift to buy a friend or you want to go hang out with friends and do something without worrying about drugs or alcohol being present, recovery card games are all the rage at the moment. You can use this real-life tool to support yourself and loved ones or friends in recovery by having sober fun.

Getting Started

When you become sober, or a friend is newly sober, you have lots of energy to move forward and stay that way. It can be a challenge to stay sober because so many things pull at your attention from all angles, including online. If you are new to addiction recovery and feel constantly exposed to temptation everywhere you go, you’re not alone. What you need is a healthy dose of reality to remind you that not everyone is drinking or using drugs, and many more are sober and in recovery like you. Why not give these card games a shot for some sober fun.

Recovery Bingo

This social, educational game can keep you engaged for hours. It also focuses on healthy steps in recovery:

  • Making a plan
  • Areas for self-inventory work
  • Supporters and enablers in your life
  • Signs of relapse
  • Slogans or sayings to motivate you in recovery

This adult therapy can be a fun gift to a friend or just a great night out with your own friends.

Sober Cards

Playing cards may be a fun way to entertain yourself and others, so long as it does not trigger you in any way. But if a deck of cards is just the trick you need to have fun in sobriety, you might like Sober Cards. They feature different motivational slogans and quotes that will serve as inspiration while in recovery. You might even just pick a ‘card of the day’ to read and motivate you while you get ready to start your day.

Courage to Change Game

In recovery, it can be so hard to communicate openly and honestly. Card and learning games make communication much easier. This game can be therapeutic and help you learn new skills like:

  • Anger management
  • Daily living
  • Managing money
  • Mental health
  • Problem solving
  • Substance abuse recovery

Some counselors even use them in therapy to help build trust. Designed by mental health professionals, these cards might help you in treatment, and at home, to rebuild relationships with friends and family.

Self-Reflection Cards

If you are in recovery or want to support a friend, it may be hard to look at why you (or they) act a certain way. These cards help process through self-development and realization techniques. This includes learning about relationships, self awareness, and building self-esteem.

Recovery Board Game

This board game was created by a comedian who believed that humor and laughter are healing. He created the game process to be humorous, healing, and joyful. This game involves cards, game pieces, and a comical game board to help you pass the time.

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