Try These Self Help Tips for Easing Depression in Recovery

Try These Self Help Tips for Easing Depression in Recovery

Depression takes many forms and there is no one size fits all in how to cope. Depression can range from feeling a dark cloud over your head but if you are feeling desperate, like life is not worth it, you are likely depressed. Self help tips can support your journey in identifying what is happening so you can seek help.

Coping with Depression

There are many ways to cope with depression, but it starts with identifying that it is happening and how to seek help. The following are some ways to start identifying what is happening in your mind and body to better facilitate healing:

Check Physical Causes

Depression is an indicator the body’s chemistry is not right. A trusted healthcare professional may be able to support identifying your symptoms. Few people like to admit depression exists. It takes courage to ask for help. Most forms are easily controlled with medication and therapeutic intervention. Large portions of the population suffer from some form of depression at one time or another so know you are not alone.

Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol are NOT good coping mechanisms for depressive symptoms. Ingesting chemicals into your body to feel better is not going to help you. While you may think it is helping you escape darkness, use of alcohol and drugs can take you down some dark roads. Depression can cycle out of control with the use of alcohol or other substances. It may spiral you so far down you will need support for co-occurring mental health and addictive disorders. It is best to stay away from substances.

Balance Out

Daily balanced living is the greatest defense to combat depression. Simple things like eating properly and getting enough rest matter. Daily exercise, social engagement, having a spiritual connection, and making sure you eat properly all help maintain balance. Don’t try to decide on your own you know what is best and self medicate. Depression requires careful support from trained professionals.

The best way to cope with depression is to seek professional help from a trained therapist who understands depression and mental health disorders. If you have suffered from trauma or have addiction, there is help available which can treat co-occurring disorders.

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