Try These Breathing Techniques to Fight Cravings

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Breathing patterns are intimately connected to thoughts and emotions. Shallow breathing can generate anxiety while slow, deep breathing can bring calm. Left nostril breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system and energizes. When awareness is brought and mastery takes over of the breath, health is promoted and vitality encouraged. When people breathe consciously every breath, it is easier to direct life and achieve personal potential Learn the power of breathing techniques to fight cravings in recovery.

7 Breathing Techniques

To get started, there are seven breathing techniques to try which can help boost control over cravings when they occur.

  • Take long deep breaths, at least 3 every 31 minutes.
  • Slow down every half hour to relax, taking in slow, long, deep breaths. This helps diffuse stress responses and live in the moment with appreciation, gratitude, and awareness.
  • Recognize how the nostril takes in air and shifts every 2.5 hours.
  • To maintain vitality everyday, practice deep breathing exercises every 2.5 hours. Eleven minutes of practice will help balance autonomic nervous system and glandular system. This can have lasting impact positively on the body and discourages cravings when they surface.
  • Take seven deep breaths, with retention, when tired or the mind is overactive.
  • When feeling exhausted, and need a pick-me-up, rely on the breath. Inhale, suspend breath. Exhale, let it out. Repeat slowly seven times. This will boost circulating oxygen and lift energy. Repeat slowly seven times. The only thing that a person has is breath and that can be controlled throughout the day. The length and strength of breath can determine how a day will go. Find some balance to bring things center stage. When breathing, the mind becomes intuitive. Pave the way for the body to learn new ways of understanding
  • Slow down breathing to less than 11 breaths per minute and work towards a one-minute breath.
  • Practice Breath of Fire. This powerful remedy can help with many ailments. Breath of Fire releases toxins from the lungs, blood vessels, and cells while expanding lung capacity. This is a great technique for smokers to practice daily to improve immune system function and fight infectious disease. Learning to find balance in the body is key.

End of the day, breath is all there is. It sustains life and gives new hope for beginnings to come renewed with vigor and possibility. Practicing breathing when under stress, in times of turmoil, and when relaxed will help build the capacity for peace now and in the future.

Sound Recovery believes in the power of being present and practicing breathing for a better recovery. If you are struggling in recovery, it is time to focus on yourself. We are here to help with services and programs designed with your specific challenges in mind. Call us to find out how to get started: 561-277-308

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