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June 6, 2016
Verbal Abuse is still Abuse
June 7, 2016

The treatment industry can be divided into two groups: the people who care, and the people who don’t. Choosing a treatment center for a loved one can be an unnerving process, but it doesn’t have to be. Prepare yourself to make the best possible choice by looking for these red flags.

Generous Offers

Although it sounds like a great relief for temporary financial benefits, offers like paying for sober living or matching your insurance’s deductible is a strong indication that the facility is in the business to make money. They are likely practicing unethically in other areas, resulting in poor treatment and poor results.

Under Pressure

Does your insurance keep coming up in their questions? When a facility cites insurance benefits more than the actual needs of the client, this is a red flag that the care is sub-par and the facility is going to push your insurance coverage to the limit.

Urine…a lot of talks about urine

Regular testing of urine is a practical way to track a patient’s sobriety. If a facility is emphasizing urine testing multiple times a week, they are likely getting money out of it, and are going to get money out of you. Facility’s drastically overcharge for urine analysis, endorsing it as a necessary part of treatment.

It sounds like a vacation sale

Treatment centers offer a variety of amenities today, mostly focused on providing comfort and healing for their patients. Weigh the conversation: luxury accommodations and novelty treatment services versus evidence based and clinical treatment models. If the first is the winner, this facility is probably a loser.

Compensating for Compensation

A really hard seller usually means there’s a benefit for them at the other end of the deal. If you feel like someone has a sales tactic so strong they must be getting paid, you are probably right. It is highly unethical to receive commission for admissions.

It’s in the details

Small information like poor staff to client ratio, detox is not medically supervised, and negative reviews can indicate a less than credible center. Every facility will have it’s faults, but only some will be known to have the same faults patient after patient, year after year.

Ask around, do your research, and ask to take a tour of the facility. Sound Recovery Centers is not trying to fool you. We provide authentic treatment so our patients can go on to live honest lives. Call us today for more information about our detox and intensive outpatient programs. You won’t find any red flags with us. 561-666-7427.

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