These Tips Can Help You Love Your Body Through Recovery

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December 21, 2018
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December 25, 2018

The world seems to be obsessed with physical perfection, youth, and meeting unattainable beauty standards. With new innovation in the plastic surgery industry, it seems like going under the knife is becoming not only more acceptable but almost expected. Learning to love yourself through recovery takes some time and patience to learn how to accept yourself as you are, right now.

Body Positive

When you step away from things that fuel your negative self-perception and surround yourself with positive body imagery, you begin to see yourself in a new light. Following positive-focused blogs, websites, and social media accounts is a great place to begin surrounding yourself with new perspectives on beauty. Online, the world can be filled with things that are not always encouraging positivity. Be sure your motives are good and healthy. You are beautiful at any size, shape, and form you take, imperfections and all.

Mindfulness Matters

Society focuses on a very narrow concept of beauty, instilling the idea that if we do not meet impossible beauty standards we are not worthy of love. This could not be further from the truth. It is okay to find the images people see beautiful or inspirational. Don’t allow Photoshop and augmented bodies to wound your confidence and self-love. Beauty should be celebrated in all its forms and shapes. Being mindful includes being aware of how you feel, look, and the ways you think about yourself in the world.

Take Time

Overcoming years of negative self-perception does not happen overnight. Like recovery from addiction, you have to work through emotional and mental challenges of negative body perception. You have to be both patient and dedicated to the process. Miracles do not happen overnight. You might consider:

  • Trying on new outfits
  • Take on small fitness goals for health and fitness
  • Break down mental barriers that helps to challenge them in others, allowing them to embrace creativity and self-love rather than strict fashion trends


It is easy to convince yourself that reaching a number on the scale of an image on the mirror will bring healing and happiness. The mirror is like your best friend but the reality is what you see staring back is more of a reflection of how you feel in your mind than anything else.

Begin each day with a mantra and practice gratitude for your goals. It is okay if some days the goal is only making it through till tomorrow. The goal ultimately is to keep taking small steps forward, a little bit at a time.

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