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December 18, 2018
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December 21, 2018

Working to pay back those financial obligations and responsibilities should not stand in the way of you overcoming substance abuse. For many people, this is a huge barrier to treatment and recovery. Being unable to enter traditional inpatient rehab due to home responsibilities doesn’t have to end the recovery journey before it begins. Find out what kinds of unconventional jobs may be a good fit while you do outpatient treatment.

Finding Viable Work

The bills do not stop just because you are undergoing a personal life transformation. Balancing work and outpatient treatment can be difficult without a 9 to 5 job. Some income support is necessary for people to survive. These five jobs can provide flexible schedules and high earning potential for people in outpatient addiction recovery care.


For people who are able to drive, this is a great way to transport people to where they want to go. Driving for Uber allows you to set your own hours around meetings and therapy sessions. With Uber, you can drive and earn money any time you like with the use of a phone app. You can select rides you will accept and to where you will drive. There are some costs like mandatory commercial driving insurance, earnings fluctuate, and there will be an increase in car maintenance and gas costs but there are some positives if people want to give it a try.


Lyft is like Uber, a driving service for people who need to get from point A to point B. Lyft also allows a person to get paid the same day, select rides, and maintain recovery. You can drive for both companies to maximize earning potential. Driving for Lyft is a fun way to earn money while still keeping your commitment to sober living a priority.


Mobile services are on the rise as people are not doing things the conventional way any longer. Subscription boxes of healthy eating options and food from grocery stores are just the thing people need to keep up with their busy lives. This can be great for people with flexible schedules. Set where you can shop and the hours ahead of time around obligations and responsibilities. The app shows the earnings and range for earnings to know how many hours you need to work. Weekly pay can be good with incentives and tips included. It is a time sensitive job with some stress involved, car costs, fluctuating demand and may not be available everywhere.

Go Online

If you are savvy with computers, there are various online resources for finding work that is flexible and can be done from home in your own time, within limits. Navigating these jobs can be challenging while in recovery programs so it helps to speak to someone who knows about how to find the best jobs suited for your circumstances and help you make the most out of your outpatient program.

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