These Energy Medicine Practices May Help Ease Anxiety

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December 19, 2018
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December 24, 2018

Energy Medicine Yoga is one way to help ease anxiety caused by addiction, recovery, and just overall life experiences. Anxiety is considered an imbalance in the element of fire in a person’s body. Find out how this particular practice of yoga can help ease anxiety and how to start the practice with yourself at home.

Energy Medicine

The fire element is governed by meridians of the heart, pericardium, small intestine, and triple warmer. In the summer, the season of warmth and fire, people feel like they are often full of anxiety, trying to do everything, fixing, and participating in a million things. This can feel akin to burning out of control. This sensation may not be new for people who cope with anxiety on a regular basis The challenge is that this does not only occur in summer. The feeling of needing to ‘squeeze it all in’ can happen anytime. There are some ways to help decrease this uncomfortable feeling and turn it back towards balance.

  • Inhale deeply, sweetp the arms overhead.
  • Exhale and draw the arms down in front of the heart. This is where the triple warmer resides, which governs the fight or flight response. Put the palms together, thumbs in the center of the chest and tips of the index fingers in the hollow notch at the base of the throat. Lift elbows up and lift the heart center up.
  • Index fingers should rest into the triple warmer spot, which helps calm this meridian down, taking stress out of the pose. This also connects triple warmer to heart energy through the heart chakra. In yoga, getting these two to communicate brings balance and peace.

Deep Breathing

Another powerful tool that helps with anxiety is to do a breath called Ujjayi. This is like fogging up a mirror by breathing in and breathing out with lips open slightly, eyes closed. Exhale slowly and let it out a little at a time. It can help someone who suffers from anxiety to feel more calm and centered.

Finding your breath and centering your heart chakra, in yoga, is very important to calming yourself down and getting centered. When you are more centered, you can get focused on the present moment and be with yourself rather than try to be everywhere all at once. When you combine this with other elements of a holistic recovery program, you might find it therapeutic and of great help on the healing journey.

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