These 5 Steps to Decluttering Can Save Your Recovery (and Sanity)

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November 5, 2018
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If you ever feel anxious and stressed because of clutter, that may mean it is time to pare down and get rid of stuff. When a new space is cluttered, we have a harder time focusing and processing information. Our ability to take in new information and understand what is going on gets hijacked amidst the mess. Learn some steps to help declutter and save yourself from the mess.

Put Space First

People in recovery often don’t think of having a clean space to work in and live around, which can have surprising repercussions for mental health. When you wake up and the kitchen is messy or untidy it can start your whole day off wrong. Make the kitchen the first space you honor in a positive way.

Create Supportive Space

Your space gently holds yourself up in recovery. When you respect yourself and your space, you realize a refreshed space is better for you. As you clear clutter, notice how your home welcomes you after a busy day rather than feels messy and disorganized.

Value Simplicity

Some people with addiction have built up things as a way of putting a wall between themselves and their emotions. Old furniture, clothes that are too big or small, an overflow of papers, or cabinets filled with items of no use don’t support your well-being. In recovery, the more you simplify, the better off you’ll be.

Discard the Old

nobody says it will be easy or fast to get rid of items you have been hanging onto for a long time. It takes a lot of courage to do that. The question to ask yourself is whether you believe these items enhance recovery. If they don’t, you need to give yourself permission to discard or throw them away promptly.

Create Space for Joy

When you begin to see that a clearing space saves you energy, you can breathe better, visualize and think more positively than you can any other time. There is joy hiding under the clutter. When you finally create space for it, you will feel more able to focus on recovery.

You cannot take stuff with you. When you focus on the healthy habits that support your journey forward in recovery, you will feel much better about yourself overall. Get focused on recovery by calling us to help you take the first step. Call us at 561-277-3088 to get started.

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