These 3 Simple Soul Care Tips Will Rock Your Recovery

These 3 Simple Soul Care Tips Will Rock Your Recovery

Even when we think we now the truth about how we are loved, worry still creeps into our consciousness. There are times when we can put those worries behind us, but most of the time we struggle to free ourselves of worry and anxiety to just rest. Soul care is a practice of taking the inner shame, worry, and blame to focus on the positive aspects of who we are and our purpose in recovery.

Practicing Soul Care

It seems everyone is talking about soul care these days. Everything from meditation to yoga and other similar mindfulness practices share the concept that soul care is at the center. Although these practices are great, there are three very practical ways to incorporate soul care into your recovery without putting in a ton of effort (at least it seems that way).


  • Just breathe. The minute we experience stress, an invitation is open to us. We can either breathe in relaxing, positive vibes or we can breathe in negativity and anxiety. A powerful way to do this is by simply opening our mouths to breathe in fresh air, a reminder we are still here for one more day. We get to yet experience this life with a simple breath, in, out, and do this for a period of a few seconds to a few moments as we say thanks and offer gratitude for just this moment.
  • Read a book. Put away electronics and distraction. Open up to the frequency of your mind by stimulating it with some actual pages you turn in a book. A good way to rest and unwind is by unplugging and reading a book. Research shows reading a printed book will help reduce stress and bring you to a place of peace before bed. This can be especially helpful if you are restless or your brain tends to go all over the place before going to sleep at night.
  • Listen to music. Music has lots of power to help us heal. Filling our ears with the sounds of quiet music can help center us and bring us into awareness of ourselves. Songs can call us into presence quite quickly, while other types of music can be meditative and calming. Finding the right soundtrack to bring you a sense of peace is what it is all about. Each of us is wired differently to enjoy different styles of music so try a few styles to see what you like. You may even find you enjoy nature or soundscapes like the ocean waves as a backdrop to finding peace for your soul care practice.


These three ways to rock your soul care in recovery are just the tip of the iceberg. You can make your soul care practice any way you wish. The goal for soul care is that it leaves you feeling better than when you started. The other way to rock your soul care is to find daily ways to incorporate it into your life, even if it’s only 15 minutes a day. Doing this can greatly enhance your ability to withstand the trials of recovery, especially in the early days, weeks, and months or in the midst of personal trials.

Soul care is all about self love. It can take time to learn how to love ourselves in recovery. Sound Recovery supports your journey, however it looks, to being clean and sober. Our programs and services are designed to help you detox and get focused on your priorities in recovery. Call us at 561-277-3088 to get started.

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