Taking Action: 10 Reasons Why Getting it Done is Better than Thinking About it

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July 22, 2016
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July 26, 2016

“Getting into action” is something we say a lot in recovery. Mostly, this term refers to the process of applying the practices and principles we learn in recovery actively in our lives. Action is an important part of living sober. Sitting idly, endless wracking our brains about what to do or what not to do, just doesn’t work for us. As recovering addicts and alcoholics, our minds are a little too busy, and we end up in “analysis paralysis”.

Taking action is not necessarily about impulse either. Action requires some forethought. Ultimately, however, action is about doing. Instead of talking the talk (or just thinking the thoughts) we learn to actually walk the walk. We don’t just practice what we preach, we do it.

For people in recovery, having the willingness and motivation to take action feels like a super power. When we get into action and make something happen we feel as though we have shifted the time space continuum of the entire universe. That’s heavy, Marty. It doesn’t require a flux capacitor, either. Metaphysics and quantum mechanics shows us that each thing we do creates a ripple in time. Indeed, it redefines our realities. Choosing to get clean and try recovery was a moment that redefined our lives. It took action to make that phone call and it takes action to stay sober.

Getting to the doing is the biggest challenge. The only way to get from point A to point B is to get going. As Martin Luther King Jr. famously put it, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”. If you are struggling to take that first step towards your recovery, unconvinced that doing anything is going to help, here are some truths (not fake advertisements) about action to inspire you.


Words are Cheap

Planning takes up time, energy, and money. You may think creating a detailed plan is the way to take action. Procrastination and planning can go hand in hand, especially with the decision to get sober. Instead of planning, work on what you know. The plans will unfold naturally, once you set the momentum.


Probability Expansion

Doing the same thing the same way limits your possibilities. Rigid lifestyles aren’t open to the fluidity of life. Taking action is like putting a new intersection circle on a venn diagram: more possibilities. Simply put: you don’t know until you get there.


“Inaction is Scarier”

You could not choose treatment. You could stay at home and continue to use. There’s no guarantee you’re ever going to live a life outside of that. Sitting still in our decisions is ten times scarier than vulnerably stepping into risk. The theory is this: risk is scary, but routine can be fatal.


Action Precedes Motivation

Think of new year’s resolutions at the gym. People need a reason to get exercising in order to exercise. Regular gym-goers know you feel better once you start exercising. You just have to start. Recovery isn’t always easy at first, but neither is doing squats. Once you get going and get used to it, it gets easier. You start to challenge yourself and grow.


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