April 4, 2018
Tips to Feel ‘All the Feels’ in Recovery and Stay Sober

Tips to Feel ‘All the Feels’ in Recovery and Stay Sober

Emotional sobriety means different things for different people, but mostly it’s about feeling it all. Everything, all the time, sometimes all at once. Putting down substances to get sober doesn’t completely set you up for […]
March 20, 2018

Sharpen Those Relationship Skills with These 5 Tips

Sharpening up people skills can have many benefits. They help maintain relationships and may further your career. Emotional intelligence and self-awareness can help improve communication and boost confidence. Several strategies can help you improve people […]
January 26, 2018
Try These Sober Brunch Ideas

Try These Sober Brunch Ideas

Brunch is an interesting meal as it is a time when many people get together with friends and family to grab a bite to eat after breakfast but before actual lunch. Sometimes people with addiction […]
January 16, 2018
How to Survive a Music Festival Sober

How to Survive a Music Festival Sober

Abstinence from drugs and alcohol is mandatory if you are sober, but not for everyone else. The hard part of recovery is knowing other people are doing what used to be a normal part of […]
January 1, 2018

What to Do About Hidden Drinking Behavior

One sign a person has a drinking problem is if it is hidden from others or lies are being told about drinking. When drinking has progressed to sneaking around, there is already a problem that […]
December 4, 2017

Helping a Family Member with Marijuana Addiction While Keeping Your Sanity

Addiction is a progressive disease. Marijuana addiction is not only progressive, but often leads to addiction to other drugs. When an individual who is struggling with a marijuana addiction tries to stop using, they often […]
November 24, 2017
5 tips to stay sober during the holidays

5 Tips to Stay Sober During the Holidays

Holidays can be very stressful. People drink alcohol throughout the holiday season to cope with stress, loneliness, or depression. While many families get together during the holidays, some people do not have family members who […]
November 13, 2017
5 Mindful Things to Try That Can Make Today Better

Where Can I Hang with My Sober Friends?

Finding a place to hang out with sober pals can feel daunting at first. You may be used to chilling at bars, pubs, clubs or other places where substance use and alcohol were all being […]
November 10, 2017
Facts about alcohol overdose

Facts About Alcohol Overdose

Alcohol overdose is common among college students and can cause early death. Alcohol overdose, also known as alcohol poisoning, occurs from excessive drinking within a short time. The amount of alcohol that causes overdose or […]

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