Synthetic drugs are dangerous and can cause people who are on them to be dangerous. Methamphetamine like crystal meth is a well known synthetic drug. Recently, synthetic opioids like fentanyl, carfentanil, and many other analogues have been making headlines for their potency and ability to cause instant overdose. Synthetic marijuana is still an underwhelming drug with overwhelming effects. Since synthetic marijuana has not become a mainstream problem like the opioid epidemic, it doesn’t receive as much attention. However, the side effects and devastating results of synthetic marijuana abuse are no less terrifying than any other addiction.

Called “K-2” or “Spice” most commonly, this often referred to as “legal weed” is nothing like its natural counterpart. Little about synthetic marijuana is actually close to marijuana, in terms of substance and the way it interacts with the brain. Someone can develop hallucinations, psychosis and paranoia from smoking too much marijuana overtime. One dose of synthetic marijuana can cause these issues immediately and in a very volatile way.

Years ago there was a “zombie” incident in which a man ate another man’s face. The incident was blamed on a synthetic drug called bath salts, but the toxicology reports only revealed a small amount of marijuana. Recently, more horror stories have come to the surface about “zombie” like behavior in which humans attack the flesh of other human beings. Most of these cases do not include hard drugs. Attacking flesh is a rare and extreme side effect. Other abnormal behaviors can result, including severe delusion, hallucination, and psychosis. Videos of those under the influence of synthetic marijuana show them having horrendous reactions.

Why Synthetic Marijuana Is Addicting

Addiction is often discussed as having a lot to do with pleasure. Becoming completely out of control of one’s own body and mind to the point of potentially attacking another person does not sound pleasurable to most people. However, it isn’t about the actual pleasure of an activity but the pleasure caused in the brain. Synthetic substances cause an extreme surge in the production of dopamine, the neurotransmitter in the brain which stimulates signals of pleasure throughout the brain. What a synthetic drug can create in one dose can take other substances many more times of use to create. A tolerance can be developed almost instantly as well as cravings to experience the rush of pleasure again.

Recovering from synthetic marijuana is more difficult as time goes on. If you or a loved one might be experiencing a problem with the use synthetic marijuana, call Sound Recovery Solutions today for information on our partial care programs and stabilization services. Call (561) 666-7427.

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