Stop the Race to Escape Your Mental Prison and Finally Break Free

Emotional Pain Can’t Be Numbed Away (and How to Stop Trying)
Emotional Pain Can’t Be Numbed Away (and How to Stop Trying)
August 20, 2018
You’re Only as Stuck as You Think You Are
You’re Only as Stuck as You Think You Are
August 22, 2018

Mental prisons are often the hardest to break out of because they confine us in a way that is hard to see past the bars we put up. Sometimes we put ourselves in solitary confinement, feeling like nobody else understands or hears our cries for help. There are ways to escape the race to free ourselves of the mental prison but it often takes time and relearning some skills to get there.

Addicted to Escapism

It seems so many people are driving themselves into the ground with escapism from addiction to zoning out on television shows, there appears to be so much time wasted on activities that don’t offer us much but leave us feeling empty. Emotionally we can get into a difficult place in our minds that is hard to break free from without help.

The Inner Bubble

It takes focus to stop what you are currently doing and end the pattern you’ve been in for awhile. Some of the ways to stop doing what you are doing right now, if it is causing you harm is to:

  • Stop engaging in it
  • Accept what has already happened
  • Practice self-compassion
  • Fight with it and plead your case to stop addressing your inner critic with more negative talk
  • Use self praise every time you have a self critical thought or conversation

Self-Compassion is Key

When you up yourself to self-compassion, you accept yourself no matter what. You can start to dissolve even the most powerful mental prison you might have constructed around yourself. It also helps to replace the negative pattern with a positive one. Plant a garden of positive feelings inside your heart and mind, like gratitude and joy. Find something you like about life and acknowledge it. Practice daily gratitude that can help you focus on what brings you joy rather than being critical. You will not be able to adjust this all overnight. Start with your breath. Breathe in gratitude, breathe out negative, toxic feelings and thoughts. The process takes time. Like the journey of recovery from addiction, it can take time to reroute and remap your brain for gratitude and joy. When you can let go of the way you think, you can embrace what is already a working system in your life. It helps to let go of what doesn’t work but also transform your thinking around what will work best for you and offer it kindness and love. When you can be kind to yourself, you’re more likely to be kind to others as well.

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