There’s probably a thousand different places you would rather be right now than in a therapy session during treatment. You are so uncomfortable. You are done listening to what all these therapists have to say. On some level, you are probably as frustrated with yourself as you are everyone else. How did you get here? Why did you get here? How do you get out? You are free to leave most treatment facilities. The rules vary by state but usually mandatory lockdown is reserved for when the police get involved and you are put into involuntary treatment in a psych ward. Checking yourself out of treatment could leave you with what is called an “AMA” on your record- against medical advice. Too many of those can make it different for you to get treatment covered by insurance in the future when you are serious about getting sober.

Getting Serious About Sobriety

You don’t have to wait for another relapse to get serious about getting sober. Every minute of your treatment programming has been carefully considered by a group of clinical professionals. Years of research has been put into what works best to help recovering addicts and alcoholics heal their minds, their bodies, and restore the integrity of their spirits. It can be boring. It can be really boring. Your idea of not boring, in the early phases of recovery, probably aren’t the answer to your discomfort. Learning to stay- say in treatment, stay present in the moment, stay sober- is one of the hardest things to do in recovery. Addicts and alcoholics are runners. Most often, people turn to their substances of choice to run away from reality, feelings they don’t want to feel, or situations they don’t (or can’t) cope with. Plus, science says, it’s better to pay attention.

One study found that people aren’t as happy with daydreaming as they could be by staying present. Being in the moment provides more happiness on a neuroscientific scale than does daydreaming about what you consider to be a happier situation. If you daydream and focus on negative stuff, you are much more likely to struggle with happiness in that moment. Most interestingly, the study found, when the study found people’s moods to be more negative, it was usually after they had been daydreaming. We could guess that’s because they aren’t where they wanted to be and not getting what they want and having to remember that they can’t is extra terrible. Staying mindful in the present moment is about releasing attachments and judgments to what you think should be so that you can be more at peace with what is.

You’re in treatment. You’re getting help. You’re learning how to be sober. Stay here.

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