How to Stop the Clutter-Anxiety-Depression Cycle

How to Stop the Clutter-Anxiety-Depression Cycle

Many people exist in a trap of their own making because of holding onto too much stuff. Accumulation of stuff has been linked to higher rates of depression and anxiety. The clutter-anxiety-depression cycle is hard to get out of unless a person receives help. The vicious cycle promotes more clutter which brings more depression and anxiety. Find some helpful tips for how to stop the cycle.

The Impact of Clutter

When people have too much clutter in a home, it can negatively impact them physically and psychologically. It can have the following impact:

  • Over stimulates the system causing our senses to work over time
  • Draws attention away from primary focus
  • Makes it difficult to relax
  • Constantly reminds us of a to-do list that never ends
  • Causes anxiety with piles everywhere
  • Creates embarrassment
  • Feels frustrating when trying to get things done like find keys for work, pay bills, etc

Feeling Bad About Clutter

There is a definite link between over-abundance of household objects and health. Women are particularly affected by clutter. Men are not as much affected but clearly feel stressed when there is too much stuff to take care of at home. Cortisol levels rise which can have negative effects on overall health and mood. Children’s toys can be a substitute for childhood losses and guilt over not being home, which leads to increased measures of depression and anxiety for everyone in the home.

Declutter for Health

There are some steps to take to find hope amidst the clutter and mess. Here are some tips:

  • Start small and commit to developing a morning and evening routine of washing dishes and doing trash. Doing dishes and having a clean sink in the morning can ease stress the rest of the day.
  • Pull out a timer and work on one drawer at a time for 10-15 minutes. Spend focused time getting rid of little bits of clutter in spaces before moving to the next.
  • Positive self talk is key. Don’t talk down about the dishes or housework. Find something positive in what you’re doing to make it feel worthwhile.

When you have achieved a goal, celebrate. Find a way to celebrate those small victories towards a larger goal of decluttering and getting rid of unnecessary stuff in your home, and in your life.

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