How to Stop Being Addicted to Anger and Find Peace

How to Stop Being Addicted to Anger and Find Peace

Logging into the internet these days is like wading through a forest fire of blazing hot rage. Immediately you are confronted with outrage, anger, some post about the neighbor’s dog, and just people complaining about life. We have become a nation addicted to outrage. The national sense of outrage starts with each person and ends with each person. When we can find ways to stop being addicted to anger, we might finally be able to find some measure of peace and contentment.

Sharing is Connecting

When people share online, it is a source of connection. We share because we care. In essence, everyone wants to build bridges with others. We are made for human connection but not everyone knows how to go about this in the right way. What ends up happening is people get connected to their inner rage, inner activist, inner sense of entitlement that they should be able to say and do anything they like. It can’t hurt if it’s just on the internet, is the new mantra these days. Sharing all is not always connecting with all people, it ultimately can create divides, which we have seen a great deal of for some years now.

Finding Peace

Lasting peace will not come from stopping use of Facebook or going offline. All that does is serve to disconnect you from a wider world full of people who may desire connection with you. Finding peace starts with knowing yourself and what your desire is for connecting in the world with people.

Let Go

It takes about 20 minutes to let an emotion pass. Bodies don’t recover quickly so it may take time to let your amped up spirit calm itself down long enough to let go of the anger and react with an appropriate emotion. Use calming techniques: take a break, walk away, go for a walk, or hit the gym. These are all techniques which can help you process more effectively (and keep friends).


Finding a mindfulness practice is key to keeping sane in an insane world. Finding a place of peace you can practice in, or at home, will help center your spirit to deal with times of turmoil. There will be difficult times but you can deal with them if you have filled your tank with quality time alone and space to practice deep breathing.

Don’t Take it Personally

It is not an offense to your own person if someone says something you don’t agree with or don’t like. It is okay not to respond and just log off, rather than hit ‘unlike,’ or make a comment you might regret. It can help to remove yourself from the situation altogether by telling yourself it doesn’t matter in the scheme of things. Not your monkeys, not your circus, as the saying goes. Don’t take it personally and move on.

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