Important steps in early recovery

After treatment from a drug or alcohol addiction, you will need to take steps in early recovery to live substance-free. Maintaining a sober lifestyle after addiction is very challenging and you need to avoid high-risk situations for relapse. There are some important steps to take in early recovery to maintain your healthy, new lifestyle.

Develop and maintain a daily routine

Boredom can put you at risk for relapse in early recovery. Stay busy with activities, interests, or hobbies so you do not spend time thinking about old habits of using drugs or alcohol. Sticking to a routine increases productivity, improves sleep, and provides stability. With a routine, you will know what to expect and not worry how to keep busy.

Improve physical health

Abusing drugs or alcohol affects your physical health, appearance, and hygiene. Focus on improving your physical health as part of your daily routine. Exercise and a healthy diet will boost self-esteem and a sober lifestyle will restore physical health.

Improve mental health

Mental health illnesses or problems can contribute to a person’s drug or alcohol addiction. In early recovery, you can easily relapse due to mental health problems with depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Contact a mental health professional who can help with treatment, therapy, and medication if needed.

Seek healthy activities

Early in recovery, you will learn a lot about yourself without drugs or alcohol. Learn about your interests, hobbies, or other activities to explore. Keep a journal and write on a regular basis. Writing about experiences and feelings can be very therapeutic and help with your recovery. Journaling will allow you to look back on your journey and recognize improvements made in your life.

Work on your relationships

Many relationships with family and friends are broken because of drug or alcohol addiction. Mending relationships will take a lot of time. Family and friends need to be able to trust you again. Keep communication open with loved ones and respect their boundaries.

Continue to attend group meetings

Maintain your commitment to attend group meetings on a regular basis. This is where you can meet new, sober friends, and share experiences with drug or alcohol addiction to others. At group meetings, you will be able to listen to others share their stories and learn about their early stages of recovery.

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