How To Spend Free Time In Recovery

“Idleness is sweet, and its consequences are cruel.”

– John Quincy Adams

When you’re fresh into recovery, free time is your worst enemy.  Relapsing is harder when you don’t have the time to.  On the other hand, when you’re bored, the voice inside that wants you to relapse gets louder.  Addiction knows exactly which of our emotions to prey on.   Boredom is the easiest of these targets but it’s also the easiest to prevent.  Need some ideas?  Check some of these ideas out:


You just finished up treatment and it’s time to return to your old life.  You’ve worked your steps, set-up a sponsor and already found the meetings you’re going to attend.  There’s just one question you still have, “What do I do with my free time?”  The answer, in the words of Anthony Kiedis, “give it away, give it away, give it away now”. Helping out others is a great way to keep your mind and body engaged.  You’ll be able to bond with other people in your community and also know that you are helping to touch somebody else’s life.  

Learn to play an instrument:

Learning to play an instrument can have an impact on your life far beyond just something to spend time on.  Learning to play an instrument sharpens concentration, teaches perseverance, increases discipline and provides a great escape/stress relief.  All of which can be hugely beneficial to your recovery.

Join a sports league:

Sports can be an awesome tool for your recovery.  You get to be a part of a team working to achieve a common goal.  This builds relationships that have a special bond.  The trust you gain in your teammates on the field, or court, carry-over into life.  You’ll also see health benefits that will keep you wanting to stay sober


Exercise is a great way to fill your time.  A good sweat session is known to release endorphins and has actually been shown to be as effective as medication in treating depression.  Endorphins are the brain’s “feel-good” and can induce feelings of pleasure or euphoria.

While there are hundreds of things you can do with your free time, the most important thing is that you do something.  Don’t lose all the hard work and progress you’ve made out of boredom.


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