Solving Puzzles Can Enhance Your Brain Power: Here’s Why

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Mental activities are important to keeping the mind sharp, but they also help keep the body physically and spiritually fit. Puzzles have the power to be a holistic healing practice for people in recovery, especially for the brain. Find out why puzzles have this power and how to harness it for your recovery.

Enhanced Memory

Working out puzzles enhances connections in the brain between cells and boosts relationships within the brain itself. Puzzles are beneficial for every age, youth to adult. Jigsaw puzzles are especially helpful for people to enhance short-term memory because it builds a reflection of shapes and colors. This also boosts imagination of bigger picture things, in determining which pieces fit together.

Accelerated Support

The brain needs support in recovery to rebuild muscles that were not used or were damaged in the use of drugs and alcohol. Puzzles typically necessitate trials and errors along with utilizing systematic approaches. Formulating ideas and testing theories help people gain benefits of combining creativity and leads to innovative, precognitive, efficient problem-solving skills in a wide range of areas.

Entire Thought Process

Mind puzzles demand people thinking differently, looking at the whole picture with the use of judgment, perception, and ingenuity. Continual studies have revealed that enhancing the brain can lead to better understanding in other parts of the brain in terms of concentration, focus, and speed at which things get done.


The brain generates neurotransmitters which assist in the correspondence within the brain itself and the rest of the nervous system and the brain. Puzzles assist the brain in the production of natural dopamine, a chemical that is released when people abuse drugs or alcohol. This neurotransmitter can improve motor skills, increase concentration power, optimsm, confidence, and enhanced recollection.


Puzzles activate and get the brain cells moving but they also help you relax. Skimming through puzzles while contemplating solutions can encourage relaxation of the brain into a meditative state.  Improved mindset and tranquility additionally lead to an improved self of self worth, confidence, and self-assurance.

The myriad benefits of puzzle work have far reaching benefits for people with addiction and substance use disorder. People who wrestle with co-occurring substance use disorders may also benefit from the relaxation and peace of putting together a puzzle and completing it, building skills and confidence along the recovery journey.

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