Sobriety is Not Bo-ring: Here’s 5 Reasons Why

Sobriety is Not Bo-ring: Here’s 5 Reasons Why

Sobriety can be absolutely terrifying to some people. That is because they have no idea what to expect or believe the countless misconceptions that plague the media and public about what addiction and sobriety look like. It can look plain boring to some people but it is not as boring as some think. Learn some ways that sobriety can be awesome and exciting and try a few of them out for yourself.

Life Beyond Addiction

Many people are convinced life will be over when sobriety happens but that is not the case. Life becomes more fun and enjoyable when drugs and alcohol are not part of it anymore. A community of sober friends, meetings, and lots of new sober activities make life even more awesome than before.

Being Present

Countless trips, events, and get-togethers can be fun, but it is even better to be present. Addiction takes away the feeling of being present in the moment when every second is lived for the next hit. Living sober helps you focus on being present to each moment and feeling grateful that you get to experience it more fully (and remember it, to boot).

Abundant Health

There is nothing awesome about feeling hungover and physically sick. When hangovers are no longer part of your repertoire, you can focus on healing your body, mind, and spirit. Say goodbye to those days of cloudiness, fog, and splitting headaches. Today is your chance to awaken to possibility including happiness and joy of feeling healthy.


Blackouts can become a part of life for people with alcohol addiction. For people with drug addiction, they may experience memory lapses where they don’t recall anything they did when they were under the influence. It can be scary to wake up and not remember what you did last night. Knowing you will remember all those anniversaries, birthdays, and important dates can be more amazing than you ever thought possible.


Even if you travel a lot and struggle with addiction, you may not get the enjoyment out of it you desire. If you plan trips around nightclubs and drink specials, it can feel like your world revolves around finding the next drink or fix. In sobriety, you get to plan vacations around other things rather than drinking.  You will be more able to take in the sights and sounds with renewed gratitude and cherish the memories.

Once you’re able to cope with life sober, there is no going back. You can focus on what really matters in life and find hope for the future.

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