balloons in your life
Your Life is Full of Balloons
July 20, 2016
sober is the new drunk
Sober is the New Drunk
July 22, 2016

Experts say that putting down the smoke, cutting back the booze, and hitting the gym could save men tons of money each year. Additionally, instead of investing in life insurance or other premiums, they could be putting their money elsewhere. The research categorized three schmoes and identified the savings per kind of guy:


Average Joe

“Low Risk Joe” as the research calls him, is mostly unhealthy. He smokes five cigarettes a day. Joe may put down some cigarettes, but he isn’t much of a drinker. One drink a day keeps Joe steady. Unfortunately, Joe has a BMI of 35 because while he doesn’t drink much, he doesn’t exercise much either.

If Joe made different choices, he could save $741,542 by the age of 75.


Not-So-Average Joe

“Medium Risk Joe” takes things a little further. He’s putting down almost a pack of cigarettes a day, at least 20. When Joe comes from work, he really likes to relax. He might start with a cold beer, accompany dinner with some wine, and finish the evening with a nightcap liquor. Joe’s having three alcoholic beverages per day. Between the smoking and the drinking, Joe isn’t eating right or getting exercise. Joe’s physical stress is evident by his BMI of 40.

If Joe invested his money differently, he could bank $1.9 million by the age of 75.


Whoa, Joe

“High Risk Joe” is smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and drinking every few hours. That’s 40 cigarettes and 5 alcoholic beverages a day, respectively. Joe isn’t signing up for cardio with all those cigarettes and he’s carrying a BMI of 45.

If Joe changed his lifestyle and spending habits, he could be worth $3.4 million, if he makes it to old age.


What Joe teaches us about Recovery

Recovery is a smart investment. Though there may be an expense in cigarettes for a while, overtime putting down drugs and alcohol is going to save you a lot of money. It’s also going to save your life. Apps like I’m Done Drinking! Will track your sober time, the money you’re saving from not drinking (you can use it to track drugs per day/cost per drug), and even the calories you’re saving. By investing in your sobriety, you’re going to live a longer, healthier, richer life (figuratively and literally).


Sound Recovery Solutions offers men’s treatment programs for addiction and alcoholism. While using evidences based treatment methods we also encourage the development of practical life skills so men can live better lives. For more information call 561-666-7427.

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