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Adulting is hard, there’s no two ways about it. Most often, we’re making it harder on ourselves by not taking care of ourselves the right way. We sweat too much of the small stuff and take ourselves far too seriously. In between, we get stressed, then we get overwhelmed, and instead of living life in a healthy and productive way, adulting gets really hard. For those of us who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, we can take ourselves down a slippery path this way. Irritable, restless, and discontent, along with hungry, angry, lonely, and tired, are emotional as well as energetic states which threaten our sobriety. Our brains go into survival mode, which for us, still includes old synaptic relationships with drugs and alcohol. In order to avoid this dark path downward, here are 10 simple reminders so you can keep on adulting on and stay sober in the process.

  • Take care of your spirit: feeling down? Maybe you haven’t noticed the internal bruises from beating yourself up so much. Addicts and alcoholics are prone to self-deprecation and self-loathing. Learning to love and value ourselves is a lifelong challenge that we get better at accomplishing a little more each day. If you’re spirit is feeling broken check with yourself first and pay attention to your internal dialogue.
  • Don’t hang with haters: Haters hate, it’s what they do. You don’t need to be around that kind of energy. A good complaining sesh is fun every once in awhile, but that toxic energy is toxic. Misery loves company. Negativity spreads. You’re a positivity warrior trying to make good in life so your brain relearns how to experience happiness.
  • Stress isn’t that cool: Sometimes in adulting-land it can feel like a competition for who has the most stress. Being stressed out isn’t a sign of successful adulting. Recovery includes a lot of stress management because stress isn’t that cool- for mind, body, or spirit. Don’t hop on the “I’m so stressed bandwagon”. Be a pioneer and blaze the way for meditation, mindfulness, organization, scheduling, and self-care for stress management.
  • Be A Goal-Digger: Goals, on the other hand, are very cool. You can set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals which are going to feel awesome to achieve. Be warned: goal setting can get out of hand. Set realistic goals with tangible steps then make it happen. When we set goals too high that are too out of our reach, we tend to shy away from them, then get into that negative self-talk cycle because of our disappointment. You’re staying sober one day at a time after living years in daily addiction. You can definitely achieve whatever you put your mind to.


Another secret for sober adulting? Ask for help. You’re not a failure if you’re struggling to stay sober again. Addiction is a relapsing and remitting disorder. We want to help you find and stay in remission by developing an empowering lifestyle of leadership and personal development through clinical and holistic healing. Call Sound Recovery Solutions today for information on our partial care programs, stabilization services, and aftercare. 561-277-3088

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