The Signs of Alcoholism You Might Be Missing Because You Think They’re Normal

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Every social event, birthday, corporate event, personal time, or time spent with family seems to include drinking. You find yourself planning your events not around the day of the event but the day after because you know you are going to be hungover. You can’t just sort of drink when you go to social events where everyone is drinking. You might not be the life of the party, but you seem to have a good time under the influence of alcohol often.


Your life includes a lot of booze

You might find that your life outside of your social calendar involves a lot of alcohol as well. You come home and pour yourself a drink of some kind in order to take the edge off of your day. You have another drink with dinner and one more drink after that so you can fall asleep nicely. You always bring alcohol with you to dinners, give it as gifts, and receive it as well. You never noticed how much your life revolves around alcohol but it seems to have happened that way.


You drink more (a lot more) than you used too

You aren’t drinking more than you used to because you have more occasions to drink. You’ve found that you have to drink a little more than you used to because you aren’t experiencing the same enjoyable buzz or high you did once before. You don’t have to drink “alcoholically” to experience alcoholism. If you’re drinking often enough at a steady enough level frequently enough you’re going to develop a tolerance. A tolerance means that your brain cannot experience the same amount of pleasure with the amount of alcohol you’re drinking. You have to drink more because your brain needs more alcohol in order to feel better.


You can’t perform at work

A busy social life can wear you down. A busy social life which involves a lot of drinking can take a physical as well as psychological toll. You might notice that your ability to bounce back from a night of drinking is slowing down. You aren’t able to focus or perform like you used to, no matter how many cups of coffee you drink. Nothing seems to cure your hangover and you can’t even tell if you’re hungover or if these effects are permanent.


You don’t look so great

Eventually, all that drinking takes a toll on your complexion. Your insides are starting to suffer as a result of your alcohol abuse. Your skin is losing color and starting to droop. You likely have dark circles under your eyes, your face is a little puffy, and your overall expressions are changing. You might not think you’re an alcoholic, but your body is telling you that you’re drinking too much alcohol.


Alcoholism is often ignored because of the way culture normalizes binge drinking. If you are starting to feel the effects of alcohol abuse and are concerned you have a problem, it is the perfect time to seek help. Call Sound Recovery Solutions today for information on our partial care programs for alcoholism, (561) 666-7427.

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