Loneliness And Alcoholism
February 10, 2017
Does Therapy Actually Help?
February 14, 2017

Today’s world is undergoing a changing opinion about addiction. Before now, there has been an immense amount of shame placed upon the addict or the alcoholic. When Alcoholics Anonymous was founded it chose its anonymity out of respect for people’s jobs, families, and reputations. To be an alcoholic was to have fallen in negative ways which were considered embarrassing. Back then, alcoholism and addiction was not considered a mental illness or a disease. Though the alcoholics themselves knew it was not a moral failing or a matter of being a criminal, they knew it was a malady of some kind, which many believed to be spiritual.

Trying to explain alcoholism as a spiritual problem to someone who doesn’t know anything about it can be far fetched. However, trying to explain it any other way can be as well. How does one really explain alcoholism and addiction? The truth is, you don’t owe anyone an explanation. Many people choose to keep their sobriety under wraps, simply declining the offer of a drink, offering various reasons. Others feel that they should be fully authentic and honest in talking about their experiences. Should you talk about your sobriety? Read on to find out

Are You Ashamed?

If you are still struggling with issues of shame regarding your drinking or drug addiction, then it is not wise for you to share about your sobriety. It’s likely you’ll talk about it in a shameful manner, which isn’t fair to you. One day you’ll be able to work through those shame issues and talk about your sobriety with pride. Until then, keeping working on yourself.

You’re Grateful

When people go on a diet and get the results they wanted they practically write to the local news. Things which helps us feel better about ourselves and live happier lives are things we like to share. Recovery isn’t always easy, so you might feel as though you don’t want to advertise the right thing. However, recovery is more about attraction than promotion. People are going to notice the positive changes in your life because of the positive changes in you. If they ask you about it, you can tell them very simply, “I stopped drinking” and that’s all you need to say.


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