The Role of Family in Addiction Recovery

The Role of Family in Addiction Recovery

Family has a very important role to play in your addiction recovery. When you are feeling low or if you are having a great day, family can really boost your confidence in moving away from addiction towards sober living. Learn more reasons why the role of family can help your recovery.

The Role of Family in Addiction Recovery

Family Therapy

Attending family therapy with other members of your family can be so helpful. Treatment programs that focus on family connections can create more success than other programs that do not encourage family involvement. Addiction tears families apart but therapy can help strengthen connections.

Social Support

A good social network is essential during the early stages of recovery. A network of friends and loved ones helps minimize feelings of loneliness and frustration. Early in recovery, this is a crucial part of recovering from addiction. Try to maintain open communication with family even if it has been strained over the years. Spend time with family doing what you love and encourage open, honest dialogue which will build the bonds.

Relapse Prevention

Keep your expectations in check regarding recovery. Addiction is a chronic condition so it needs lots of support. Relapse is a real possibility, especially early on but at any time in recovery it can be a challenge. Relapse does not mean you have failed, it simply means you get a fresh start to try again. Family members can help you by:

  • Encouraging attendance at support meetings
  • Spending time with you
  • Helping you process stressful or painful events and emotions

Family plays a crucial role in your success. Tap into this potential by finding ways to spend time with them that encourage your positive, forward momentum in recovery. If you find you are struggling, let them know. Let them hold you up when times are hard and encourage you to find support.


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