Recovery Cliches You Love To Hate

“They have really great chemistry”

“Nothing comes easy in this life”

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Cliches, simultaneously inspirational and annoying.  If you’ve ever played sports, went to a graduation, heard someone give a wedding toast, or watched an awards show, you’ve heard some eye-rolling cliches.  The thing about cliches is, they are usually only cliches because they’re true. At times, even an annoyingly basic truth.   Some cliches may even be the reminder you need when maintaining your sobriety feels a little rough.  Next time you’re struggling, remind yourself of some of these recovery-based cliche truths:

“This too shall pass”

This one is very important and if part of your recovery is mindfulness or meditation you are already becoming more familiar with this concept.  We have to remember that our life happens over many decades. We can’t allow a few bad moments to affect us and carry into the bigger picture.  No matter the problem you’re having now, it will pass.  Life happens on a macro level yet too often we let the events of moments linger around way longer than they should.  Once you remind yourself that negative thoughts move like clouds, you’ll find yourself letting go of them sooner.


“You’ve got to stay strong to be strong in tough times”

The thing about being strong is that sometimes, most times, you’ve got to do things that are really hard, like things that you might be afraid of.  You have to face emotions and problems head on in recovery.  Part of recovery is learning how to cope when life gets tough.  Will you run back to your addiction, the place you have always gone?  Or will you actually prove to yourself that you’re stronger in making powerful choices?  The only way to prove that your strong is by staying strong.  

No matter if it is one of these cliches or something that you always heard your grandfather say, it’s important to have reminders that you can lean back on when the skies get a little gray. Remember, your mind will always want to default to the old comfortable habits. Sometimes, you need a reset button. Cliches are a great way to reboot.


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