5 reasons why people are reluctant to seek treatment

A person with a drug or alcohol addiction is at risk for a multitude of physical and mental health complications. His or her substance abuse can cause brain damage, liver failure, nerve damage, heart attack, overdose, or death. Mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, or paranoia can develop from substance abuse.

A person’s drug and alcohol use damages relationships with family, friends, and coworkers. He or she becomes less productive, responsive, and dependable, which can result in job loss. Drug and alcohol addiction causes financial problems when savings and earnings are spent on getting more drugs and alcohol. Family and friends are affected by their loved one’s drug and alcohol abuse. They never stop worrying and feel helpless and hopeless.

So, why are people with a drug or alcohol addiction reluctant to seek treatment? Here are 5 reasons:

Fear of changing his or her lifestyle

When a person goes through treatment, a lot needs to change for a successful recovery. He or she must change their lifestyle of drugs and alcohol for one that is substance-free. This is difficult to do because his or her brain needs to learn to function normally without the substances that created the dependency.

Uncomfortable and painful withdrawal symptoms

A person goes through withdrawals when they stop using drugs or alcohol. The symptoms vary and depend on the amount of alcohol, what drug was used, how often it was used, the duration of use, and other factors such as the person’s height and weight. Withdrawals can be extremely uncomfortable and could deter a person from treatment.

Letting go of friends

When a person commits to treatment, he or she needs to identify potential risks for relapse and avoid them. This includes friends or people who would drink or get high with them.


Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can be very costly. Insurance coverage, length of stay, type of treatment, and therapy after treatment are important things to consider before entering treatment.

Fear of negative stigma

There can be a negative stigma surrounding drug or alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, this judgment can have damaging effects on a person who might otherwise seek treatment. The negative perception people have on those with an addiction can contribute to a person’s low self-esteem, low confidence, and feelings of unworthiness.

There are so many benefits to enjoy when living substance-free. Support and encouragement from family and friends can help influence their loved one to get the treatment they need. People with a drug or alcohol addiction can live a healthy, sober lifestyle throughout recovery.

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