Put That Bad Posture to Pasture with These 5 Helpful Hints

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With posture, it is either really good or really bad. There are shades of inbetween but your posture can make a huge difference in so many areas of your life. It can lead to many issues including back pain or even spinal issues. Learn some hints for fixing your posture to support better overall health.

Why Posture Matters

There are many reasons why having good posture matters. They include:

  • Better breathing. A good posture enables you to breathe through your nose and mouth. Slouching can decrease oxygen flow, making you feel more tired or lethargic. Yoga, pilates, and meditation exercises help your posture and sitting positions get right.
  • Increased concentration. When you breathe better, you think better, too. The brain requires 20% oxygen to do its job. The more air you breathe, the better your oxygen. More brain food leads to better thoughts and ideas.
  • Improved image. You will be seen as someone exuding confidence and appeal when you stand up straight and show off your good posture.

Confidence. When you have good posture, you feel better about yourself.

  • Health complications. A bad posture can lead to slipped discs, back aches, back pain, pressure in the chest, and poor circulation.

Good Posture

A good posture does not mean keeping your spine totally straight at all times. It can be exhausting to do this and is unnecessary. To maintain good posture, it requires focusing on straightening up in a chair, while walking, or driving. It works with the curve of your back, neck, head, and shoulders to align everything so you sit up more straight and open your body to natural air flow. It will feel more effortless to maintain this position when you stand in this way.

Tips to Improve Posture

The following tips are ways you can work to improve your posture over time. It takes awhile to develop muscle memory but it will become more like second nature once you have a chance to implement it over time:

  • Pretend your body is like a puppet on a string. If you envision a string from the top of your head down to your toes, focus on how you want to keep the string more taut (but not overly tight)
  • Check in with your posture. Many people have the intention to keep good posture but forget. Check in with yourself to see how you’re doing every 15-30 mins and make little corrections to help guide you.
  • Get a massage. When you massage head, shoulders, and back you increase the flexibility of the joints and spinal mobility.
  • Get a good chair. A good chair will be firm and dense with back support cushions to support your posture.
  • Do strengthening exercises. This includes pilates, yoga, exercise balls, and stretching. If you do sit-ups, make sure to use the right technique to avoid injury.

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