Psychotherapy for Addiction Does Not Have to Be Intimidating

Psychotherapy for Addiction Does Not Have to Be Intimidating

A form of therapeutic support for people with addiction includes intensive psychotherapy. More than just a regular form of therapy, it might include six to seven hours per day of sessions with several therapists. Group sessions might be interwoven along with workshops and medical therapy. Inpatient therapy sessions may continue for four to five consecutive days. Learning to process everything in this time can be intimidating but does not have to be. Here are some ways to embrace psychotherapy without feeling intimidated by the process.

Intensive Therapy

Intensive psychotherapy is perceived as being more effective for people with alcoholism and drug use disorders who do not need extensive detox treatments. Detox can be an intensive process. Commencement of any therapy while undergoing detox may not be as effective. Detox and withdrawal may require full attention and focus so it is best to wait until after detox to start something this intense. Enrollment in this type of therapeutic support may:

  • Receive introductions to form a therapist-patient relationship
  • Set goals
  • Prepare treatment plans
  • Resolve any immediate issues that hinder progress in therapy
  • Start therapy sessions focused on drug and alcohol abstinence, education and training on new activities to replace old habits
  • Diagnosis of existing conditions
  • Starting programs to connect with others in recovery

Who Needs It

Not every person will respond well to intensive psychotherapy. Some people will need more time to process the information that is coming out in rehab. Others will just not be able to endure the experience of multiple therapy sessions happening all at once. Long-term recovery is based on finding the practices that will best support an individual’s journey to sober living. People who receive up to six months of therapy can get a better idea of where they are, what led them to this point, and how to correct the behavior going forward. Sometimes intensive psychotherapy helps move people forward in this way, while others may need a more evenly paced experience in therapy sessions.

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