You’re in the emergency room for another overdose. The looks on the doctor’s and nurses faces aren’t unfamiliar, you’ve seen them so many times before. Disappointment, judgment, compassion, sympathy, and a genuine concern for your wellbeing. You think one simple thought: they just don’t get it. Heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, addiction to synthetic drugs, alcoholism- you’d give it up if you could. You just haven’t figured out how. None of them could possibly understand if they haven’t been through it themselves.

Imagine if there was someone there who did understand. A fellow addict or alcoholic who has been on that emergency room stretcher as many times as you have. They did their time receiving the same looks you do, struggling with the same thoughts you do. Only, they found a way to recover. For some amount of time, maybe even years, they’ve managed to stay sober. Now, that’s someone you’d want to talk to. A peer in recovery who has been through treatment, stayed sober, and created a life in recovery for themselves, is exactly who you need to talk to.

Peer Recovery Programs

Many states around the country are employing peer recovery programs, offering certification courses to help people in recovery become trained coaches in recovery. Often, it is a story of familiarity, the solidarity of struggling with addiction, that can convince someone who is suffering to persevere and fight for sobriety. States are finding that in the peak of a drug addiction crisis taking lives every day, the reassuring stories of those who have already made the journey are saving lives.

Alcoholics Anonymous, the world renown twelve step program, was founded by two men who had the same experience. In desperate, life saving need of talking to someone who could understand the insanity of alcoholism, one man found another and talked it out. Since then, peer recovery has become a trusted method of support. Most recovery industry professionals are former addicts and alcoholics themselves, living in active recovery.

Sound Recovery Solutions takes pride in an alumni network and system which helps successful graduates stay connected with newcomers. Many of our graduates in the area come back and act as coaches, leaders, or mentors to those who are actively in treatment. Having had the specific Sound Recovery Solution experience as well as the general experience they are the best examples for current clients. We find that our alumni provide inspiration, guidance, and encouragement when it is needed most.
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